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module RSpec
module Matchers
# Ruby 1.9 has a weird bug where you can get infinite recursion and a SystemStackError
# under the following conditions:
# * You have a module that defines a method that uses super
# * You include that module in a subclass
# * You include that module in the subclass's superclass _after_ it has already
# been included in the subclass.
# See for a demonstration of this bug.
# This manifested itself in RSpec with the method_missing hook below, because
# rspec-core includes RSpec::Matchers in RSpec::Core::ExampleGroup right before
# running all the examples (but after all the examples have been defined), so that
# users can configure RSpec to use a different expectation/assertion framework if
# they wish. If users included RSpec::Matchers in an example group, undefined method
# calls would trigger this bug.
# Our work around is to use alias_method_chain rather than super. It's not as
# elegant, but it fixes the issue.
def self.included(base)
base.class_eval do
alias_method :method_missing_without_rspec_matchers, :method_missing
alias_method :method_missing, :method_missing_with_rspec_matchers
def method_missing_with_rspec_matchers(method, *args, &block) # :nodoc:
return, *args, &block) if method.to_s =~ /^be_/
return, *args, &block) if method.to_s =~ /^have_/
method_missing_without_rspec_matchers(method, *args, &block)
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