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Fix SystemStackError on 1.9.2 #40

myronmarston opened this Issue Nov 7, 2010 · 1 comment

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I'm having problems opening a pull request for this for some reason. This fixes the spec failures on 1.9.2 that you mentioned earlier today. It was caused by RSpec::Matchers being included multiple times causing its method_missing hook to infinitely super to itself.

Justin's recent contribution to allow other expectations/assertion libraries triggered this. I wasn't sure if you wanted to remove the include from here or there (is it better for rspec-core to take care of including matchers, or matchers to take care of including itself in core?).

Anyhow this fixes the problem, and includes a spec to test that the method_missing supering works properly.

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Fix infinite recursion SystemStackError on 1.9.2.

RSpec::Matchers#method_missing calls super, and it was supering to itself infinitely because RSpec::Matchers was being included multiple times. rspec-core now takes care of including RSpec::Matchers on its as of this commit:


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