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dcfcac8 Chad Humphries Initial commit to rspec-expectations.
spicycode authored
1 *.sw?
2 .DS_Store
3 coverage
4 rdoc
5 pkg
ed362b7 David Chelimsky ignore generated docs
dchelimsky authored
6 doc
86098ee David Chelimsky ignore tmp
dchelimsky authored
7 tmp
e90347e David Chelimsky configure cukes
dchelimsky authored
8 rerun.txt
3ad7d2b David Chelimsky ignore Gemfile.lock
dchelimsky authored
9 Gemfile.lock
2d7bc36 David Chelimsky ignore .bundle
dchelimsky authored
10 .bundle
d228f34 aakash dharmadhikari adding idea files to ignore list
aakashd authored
11 .idea
0fd2662 David Chelimsky ignore .rbc files
dchelimsky authored
12 *.rbc
fae8749 David Chelimsky dev: remove bin dir from git
dchelimsky authored
13 .yardoc
14 bin
8f9b53d David Chelimsky dev: store the sample, not the actual file
dchelimsky authored
15 Gemfile-custom
16313fb Myron Marston Run all specs together and in isolation w/o bundler as part of the build...
myronmarston authored
16 bundle
06d80ae alindeman Tests build on rbx
alindeman authored
17 .rbx
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