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dcfcac8 Chad Humphries Initial commit to rspec-expectations.
spicycode authored
1 *.sw?
2 .DS_Store
3 coverage
4 rdoc
5 pkg
ed362b7 David Chelimsky ignore generated docs
dchelimsky authored
6 doc
86098ee David Chelimsky ignore tmp
dchelimsky authored
7 tmp
e90347e David Chelimsky configure cukes
dchelimsky authored
8 rerun.txt
3ad7d2b David Chelimsky ignore Gemfile.lock
dchelimsky authored
9 Gemfile.lock
2d7bc36 David Chelimsky ignore .bundle
dchelimsky authored
10 .bundle
0fd2662 David Chelimsky ignore .rbc files
dchelimsky authored
11 *.rbc
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