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Add missing 'be's to the README.

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1 parent 24090f8 commit 5288070048f041336322713a99db362d475733d9 @ugisozols ugisozols committed Jul 10, 2012
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@@ -152,8 +152,8 @@ specify certain kinds of arguments:
-double.should_receive(:msg).with(1, kind_of(Numeric), "b") #2nd argument can any kind of Numeric
-double.should_receive(:msg).with(1, boolean(), "b") #2nd argument can true or false
+double.should_receive(:msg).with(1, kind_of(Numeric), "b") #2nd argument can be any kind of Numeric
+double.should_receive(:msg).with(1, boolean(), "b") #2nd argument can be true or false
double.should_receive(:msg).with(1, /abc/, "b") #2nd argument can be any String matching the submitted Regexp
double.should_receive(:msg).with(1, anything(), "b") #2nd argument can be anything at all
double.should_receive(:msg).with(1, duck_type(:abs, :div), "b")

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