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-# Cucumber features
+rspec-mocks is used to create dynamic "doubles", which stand in for real
+objects in examples. You can set message expectations on them (i.e. mock
+methods), and/or stub return values for arbitrary messages:
-RSpec is specified using both RSpec and
-[Cucumber]( Cucumber provides
-_executable documentation_. This means that the _.feature_ files below this
-directory serve as specification, documentation _and_ regression tests of the
+ describe Account do
+ context "when closed" do
+ it "logs an account closed message" do
+ logger = double()
+ account =
+ account.logger = logger
+ logger.should_receive(:account_closed).with(account)
+ account.close
+ end
+ end
+ end
+Message expectations like the one in the example above are verified at
+the end of each example.
## Issues
-If you find this documentation incomplete or confusing, please [submit an
+The documentation for rspec-mocks is a work in progress. We'll be adding
+Cucumber features over time, and clarifying existing ones. If you have
+specific features you'd like to see added, find the existing documentation
+incomplete or confusing, or, better yet, wish to write a missing Cucumber
+feature yourself, please [submit an
+issue]( or a [pull
2  features/configuration.feature
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-Feature: configure a test frawework to use rspec-mocks
+Feature: configure a test framework to use rspec-mocks
Test frameworks that want to use rspec-mocks can use
RSpec::Mocks::setup(self) to hook into rspec-mocks. Doing so adds the
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