myclass.should_receive(:my_method).any_number_of_times - can be satisfied by nothing happening #131

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baob commented May 3, 2012

myclass.should_receive(:my_method).any_number_of_times is a weird 'assertion', it can be satisfied by nothing happening (any number of times includes 0 times)

So if the intent was that the method should be invoked, that's overridden by allowing zero times.

Maybe this combination should

  • raise a warning (or error) message, or
  • disallow the zero times and treat it as at_least(:once) or
  • both.

@dchelimsky suggested a deprecation notice on twitter. See --!/baob/status/198110647110737920



FYI - see the discussion at #133.


Is this still an issue?


Nope. It can be closed. We now issue a deprecation warning.

@samphippen samphippen closed this Jun 20, 2013
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