any_instance is not instance-agnostic when using receiver count expectation #58

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I'm trying to set up a spec like this:

  class Calc

  context "any_instance with receiver count expectation" do
    before do

    it 'should work with multiple instances' do,2),3)

This doesn't work, it generates an error:

RSpec::Mocks::MockExpectationError: The message 'add' was received by #<Calc:0x884cdc8> but has already been received by #<Calc:0x884f9d8>

I'm concluding that when using a receiver count expectation any_instance is specific to a given instance, counter to the assumption that any_instance really should work with any instance.

What I actually want to do is to be able to define multiple argument expectations with this, along the lines of:


That totally breaks down. The simple calculator example here is for illustration only, my actual issue is more complex and I can't easily compute the return value, but have to rely on table look-ups. In other words, I've not found a suitable work-around and I really need this behavior as described above, if it's supposed to be supported (which I'm not sure of).

I don't know if it matters: I'm doing this with Rails 3, RSpec 2.6, and Ree Ruby 1.8.7


justinko commented May 16, 2011

Calc.any_instance.should_receive(:add).twice does work as expected. If it was called any_instances then the failure would make sense :)

However, the following should work as you would expect, and is a bug I'm currently looking at:


Thanks for the clarification and the discovery of the deeper but that wasn't apparent to me. Much appreciated.

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justinko commented May 17, 2011

To the RSpec team, I'm currently working on a fix for this.

justinko closed this in 8e8e62f May 22, 2011

justinko reopened this May 31, 2011


kaiwren commented May 31, 2011

The behaviour of any_instance in RSpec is 'exactly one instance', and not mocha's 'at least one instance' - see #48. I do however see how this breaks down in the absence of argument matchers which I'll take a stab at implementing.

I've not been actively tracking issues on rspec-mocks (I've been a little busy with RubyConf India these last few weeks) which is why I missed this ticket. Please feel free to send any any_instance related issues my way.

@kaiwren kaiwren added a commit to c42engineering/rspec-mocks that referenced this issue May 31, 2011

@kaiwren kaiwren split any_instance into multiple files and get to a green build as pr…
…ep to replicate issue #58

@kaiwren kaiwren added a commit to c42engineering/rspec-mocks that referenced this issue May 31, 2011

@kaiwren kaiwren Added specs replicating issue #58 27367ce

@kaiwren kaiwren added a commit to c42engineering/rspec-mocks that referenced this issue Jun 8, 2011

@kaiwren kaiwren Looks like we've got issue #58 solved except the tests don't match th…
…e exception raised

kaiwren commented Jun 13, 2011

@alindeman Could you take a look at the issue58 branch if you have time to spare? I've got two specs that should catch an exception but aren't and I'm sorely in need of a pair that can look at the code and tell me what I'm missing.


alindeman commented Jun 17, 2011

@kaiwren: Finally getting a chance to look at this; apologies on the delay.


alindeman commented Jun 17, 2011

@kaiwren: An RSpec::Mocks::MockExpectationError is being caught and verified correctly in those two tests, but then the should_receive(:foo).with(:param_three, :param_four) expectation fails because, in the first test, the call caused an error and didn't satisfy the expectation .. and in the second test, a call with those arguments was not attempted at all.

It's the after(:each)-type callback that verifies should_receive expectations that's causing the failure, not the expect { }.to raise_error blocks.


alindeman commented Jun 17, 2011

Submitted c42engineering#4 with a potential fix


kaiwren commented Jun 17, 2011

@alindeman Ah, thanks for catching that. @justinko This should sort out the issue.

@kaiwren kaiwren added a commit to c42engineering/rspec-mocks that referenced this issue Jun 17, 2011

@kaiwren kaiwren Fixed broken feature related to multiple method stubs and added anoth…
…er for any_instance.stub.with - this should close Issue #58

alindeman commented Jun 17, 2011

Going to make a pull request against rspec/rspec-mocks?


justinko commented Jun 17, 2011

@kaiwren - great! Just open up a new pull request please.


kaiwren commented Jun 18, 2011

Oh yeah, sorry, just did that.

justinko closed this in 5a1666c Jun 19, 2011

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