#with fails when passed a #mock_model behaving as a null object #98

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Given a spec like this:

let(:user) { mock_model(User).as_null_object }

before { User.stub_chain(:where, :first).and_return(user) }

it "logs user in" do
  post :create

And some code:

def create
    user = User.find(...).first

The spec will fail, claiming:

<UserSession (class)> received :create with unexpected arguments
    expected: ()
         got: ()

And this is due to how the ArgumentExpectation determines if the argument is a null object, which will fail to detect a mock_model behaving as a null object.

I'm not exactly clear on why this method was used to determine if the object was a null object, when we have #null_object?, so unless I'm missing something, I suggest we simply use that to determine if the object is a null object.

If not, then we can fix this on the rspec-rails side.

I'm happy to implement my fix, I just wanted someone else with a deeper understanding of RSpec to chime in and make sure my fix and this issue are valid.


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