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08f5d4e @dchelimsky Better handling of gemfile scenarios
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1 # Information for rspec-rails developers
3 rspec-rails lives in a complicated ecosystem. We need to run it against
4 multiple versions of rails and multiple versions of Ruby as well. There are
5 several tools already available to manage running against multiple versions of
6 Ruby (e.g. rvm), and there are even some multi-rails tools (e.g. multi-rails)
7 but we haven't found one that does exactly what we need here, so we've rolled
8 our own.
10 ## The short version
12 thor rails:use 3.0.6
13 rake
15 ## The long version
17 ### thor rails:use
19 The `thor rails:use` task accepts any released version of rails, or either the
20 3-0-stable or master branches.
22 thor rails:use master
23 thor rails:use 3-0-stable
24 thor rails:use 3.0.6
25 thor rails:use 3.0.5
26 thor rails:use 3.0.4
27 thor rails:use 3.0.3
28 thor rails:use 3.0.2
29 thor rails:use 3.0.1
30 thor rails:use 3.0.0
32 It then does several things:
34 * generates a .gemfile file with the version listed. This is used internally by
35 assorted rake tasks.
36 * installs the bundle using the appropriate file in the gemfiles directory
37 ** this includes binstubs, which are stored in ./gemfiles/bin
38 * symlinks the gemfiles/bin directory to ./bin (in the project root) to support
39 running bin/rspec from the project root
41 At any time, if you want to change rails versions, run `thor rails:use` with a
42 new version number. To play it safe, you probably want to also run `rake
43 clobber` to delete all the code generated by the previous rails version.
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