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The rspec:install generator creates a .rspec file, which tells RSpec to tell Autotest that you're using RSpec. You'll also need to add the ZenTest and autotest-rails gems to your Gemfile:

gem "ZenTest", "~> 4.4.2"
gem "autotest-rails", "~> 4.1.0"

If all of the gems in your Gemfile are installed in system gems, you can just type


If Bundler is managing any gems for you directly (i.e. you've got :git or :path attributes in the Gemfile), however, you may need to run

bundle exec autotest

If you do, you require Autotest's bundler plugin in a .autotest file in the project root directory or your home directory:

require "autotest/bundler"

Now you can just type autotest, it should prefix the generated shell command with bundle exec.

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