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Routing specs live in the spec/routing directory, or any example group with :type => :routing.

Simple apps with nothing but standard RESTful routes won't get much value from routing specs, but they can provide significant value when used to specify customized routes, like vanity links, slugs, etc.

{ :get => "/articles/2012/11/when-to-use-routing-specs" }.
  should route_to(
    :controller => "articles",
    :month => "2012-11",
    :slug => "when-to-use-routing-specs"

They are also valuable for routes that should not be available:

{ :delete => "/accounts/37" }.should_not be_routable

Specifying matched routes

When using the #route_to matcher, you can specify the expected route using a hash or a string, and it will be parsed:

route_to(:controller => "controller",
  :action => "action",
  :params => "params")
route_to(:controller => "namespaced/controller",
  :action => "action")
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