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require 'rspec/core'
require 'rspec/core/rake_task'
spec_prereq = Rails.configuration.generators.options[:rails][:orm] == :active_record ? "db:test:prepare" : :noop
task :noop do; end
task :default => :spec
task :stats => "spec:statsetup"
desc "Run all specs in spec directory (excluding plugin specs)" => spec_prereq)
namespace :spec do
[:requests, :models, :controllers, :views, :helpers, :mailers, :lib, :routing].each do |sub|
desc "Run the code examples in spec/#{sub}" => spec_prereq) do |t|
t.pattern = "./spec/#{sub}/**/*_spec.rb"
desc "Run all specs with rcov" => spec_prereq) do |t|
t.rcov = true
t.pattern = "./spec/**/*_spec.rb"
t.rcov_opts = '--exclude /gems/,/Library/,/usr/,lib/tasks,.bundle,config,/lib/rspec/,/lib/rspec-,spec'
task :statsetup do
require 'rails/code_statistics'
::STATS_DIRECTORIES << %w(Model\ specs spec/models) if File.exist?('spec/models')
::STATS_DIRECTORIES << %w(View\ specs spec/views) if File.exist?('spec/views')
::STATS_DIRECTORIES << %w(Controller\ specs spec/controllers) if File.exist?('spec/controllers')
::STATS_DIRECTORIES << %w(Helper\ specs spec/helpers) if File.exist?('spec/helpers')
::STATS_DIRECTORIES << %w(Library\ specs spec/lib) if File.exist?('spec/lib')
::STATS_DIRECTORIES << %w(Mailer\ specs spec/mailers) if File.exist?('spec/mailers')
::STATS_DIRECTORIES << %w(Routing\ specs spec/routing) if File.exist?('spec/routing')
::STATS_DIRECTORIES << %w(Request\ specs spec/requests) if File.exist?('spec/requests')
::CodeStatistics::TEST_TYPES << "Model specs" if File.exist?('spec/models')
::CodeStatistics::TEST_TYPES << "View specs" if File.exist?('spec/views')
::CodeStatistics::TEST_TYPES << "Controller specs" if File.exist?('spec/controllers')
::CodeStatistics::TEST_TYPES << "Helper specs" if File.exist?('spec/helpers')
::CodeStatistics::TEST_TYPES << "Library specs" if File.exist?('spec/lib')
::CodeStatistics::TEST_TYPES << "Mailer specs" if File.exist?('spec/mailers')
::CodeStatistics::TEST_TYPES << "Routing specs" if File.exist?('spec/routing')
::CodeStatistics::TEST_TYPES << "Request specs" if File.exist?('spec/requests')
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