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update history/upgrade w/ info about stub_template

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[full changelog](
+* Enhancements
+ * Added stub_template in view specs
* Bug fixes
* Properly include helpers in views (Jonathan del Strother)
* Fix bug in which method missing led to a stack overflow
18 Upgrade.markdown
@@ -22,17 +22,27 @@ trade-off.
## View specs
+### view.should render_template
Rails changed the way it renders partials, so to set an expectation that a
-partial gets rendered:
+partial gets rendered, you need
view.should render_template(:partial => "widget/_row")
-## as_new_record
+### stub_template
+Introduced in rspec-rails-2.2, simulates the presence of view templates on the
+file system. This supports isolation from partials rendered by the vew template
+that is the subject of a view example:
+ stub_template "widgets/_widget.html.erb" => "This Content"
+### as_new_record
Earlier versions of the view generators generated stub_model with `:new_record?
-=> true`. As of rspec-rails-2.0.0.rc, that is no longer recognized, so you need
-to change this:
+=> true`. That is no longer recognized in rspec-rails-2, so you need to change
stub_model(Widget, :new_record? => true)

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