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@@ -33,6 +33,21 @@ the "rake spec" task.
Note that things are in flux, so some generators generate code that
doesn't work all that well yet.
+## Living on edge
+If you prefer to exploit bundler's support for pointing a gem at a github repo,
+be sure to do so for all five of the relevant rspec gems:
+ gem "rspec-rails", :git => "git://"
+ gem "rspec", :git => "git://"
+ gem "rspec-core", :git => "git://"
+ gem "rspec-expectations", :git => "git://"
+ gem "rspec-mocks", :git => "git://"
+Keep in mind that each of these repos is under active development, which means
+that its very likely that you'll pull from these repos and they won't play nice
+together. If playing nice is important to you, stick to the published gems.
## Backwards compatibility
This is a complete rewrite of the rspec-rails extension designed to work with

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