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RSpec-2 for Rails-3
-### Backwards compatibility
+## Backwards compatibility
None. This is a rewrite of the rspec-rails extension designed to work
with rails-3.x and rspec-2.x. It will not work with older versions of
either rspec or rails.
-### Current state
-Currently in alpha - some things work, some not so much - see Known Issues,
+## Install
gem install rspec-rails --pre
@@ -39,16 +34,15 @@ the "rake spec" task.
Note that things are in flux, so some generators generate code that
doesn't work all that well yet.
-### What works (and what doesn't)
+## What works (and what doesn't)
-Currently supported:
+rspec-rails is currently in beta. Here is what is working as of now:
* each example runs in its own transaction
* configurable in Rspec.configure
* see generated spec/spec_helper.rb
* model specs in spec/models
* controller specs in spec/controllers
- * no view isolation yet
* view specs in spec/views
* mailer specs in spec/mailers
* observer specs in spec/models
@@ -58,18 +52,17 @@ Currently supported:
* assertion-wrapping matchers
* redirect_to
* render_template
- * template must exist (unlike rspec-rails-1.x)
* webrat matchers
* generators
* run "script/rails g" to see the list of available generators
-### Known issues
+## Known issues
* no helper specs
* no routing specs
* only works with ActiveRecord
-## Controller Specs
+# Controller Specs
Controller specs live in spec/controllers, and mix in
ActionController::TestCase::Behavior. See the documentation
@@ -78,12 +71,22 @@ available from Rails.
You can use RSpec expectations/matchers or Test::Unit assertions.
+## rendering views
+By default, controller specs do not render views (as of beta.9).
+This supports specifying controllers without concern for whether
+the views they render work correctly or even exist. If you prefer
+to render the views (a la Rails' functional tests), you can use the
+`render_views` declaration in each example group:
+ describe SomeController do
+ render_views
+ ...
+## Matchers
In addition to what Rails offers, controller specs provide all
of rspec-core's matchers and the rspec-rails' specific matchers
as well.
-## Matchers
### render_template
Delegates to Rails' assert_template:
@@ -93,4 +96,3 @@ Delegates to Rails' assert_template:
Delegates to assert_redirect
response.should redirect_to(widgets_path)

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