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@@ -14,17 +14,4 @@ customized routes, like vanity links, slugs, etc.
They are also valuable for routes that should not be available:
- { :delete => "/accounts/37" }.should_not be_routable
-## Specifying matched routes
-When using the `#route_to` matcher, you can specify the expected route using a
-hash or a string, and it will be parsed:
- route_to("controller#action")
- route_to("namespaced/controller#action")
- route_to(:controller => "controller",
- :action => "action",
- :params => "params")
- route_to(:controller => "namespaced/controller",
- :action => "action")
+ { :delete => "/accounts/37" }.should_not be_routable

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What would you like to see here? I thought that it was clear with the terms inside (route_to("controller#action")), but I can rewrite it to expand it or go more in depth


Nothing wrong with what you had. I just don't think the README should go in depth - that's what the rdoc and cukes are for. The README should really just be an overview. Checkout features/model_specs/ for reference.


Ok, makes sense

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