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doc: note that ActionView::TestCase auto-propagates ivars

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@@ -129,17 +129,29 @@ View specs live in spec/views, and mix in ActionView::TestCase::Behavior.
rendered.should contain("Chicago")
## `assign(key, val)`
Use this to assign values to instance variables in the view:
assign(:widget, stub_model(Widget))
The code above assigns `stub_model(Widget)` to the `@widget` variable in the view, and then
renders the view.
+Note that because view specs mix in `ActionView::TestCase` behavior, any
+instance variables you set will be transparently propagated into your views
+(similar to how instance variables you set in controller actions are made
+available in views). For example:
+ @widget = stub_model(Widget)
+ render # @widget is available inside the view
+RSpec doesn't officially support this pattern, which only works as a
+side-effect of the inclusion of `ActionView::TestCase`. Be aware that it may be
+made unavailable in the future.
### * Upgrade note
`assign(key, value)` replaces `assigns[key] = value` from rspec-rails-1.3

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