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Tests run correctly on Rails 4 again

* We cannot use the bundle-generated binstub anymore
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1 parent 4ba95fe commit f69d5553606f2caf489321387c8f337f03c8aafb @alindeman alindeman committed
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@@ -48,8 +48,12 @@ namespace :generate do
desc "generate a fresh app with rspec installed"
task :app do |t|
- sh "rails new ./tmp/example_app --skip-javascript --skip-gemfile --skip-git --skip-test-unit"
bindir = File.expand_path("bin")
+ # Rails 4 cannot use a `rails` binstub generated by Bundler
+ sh "rm #{bindir}/rails"
+ sh "bundle exec rails new ./tmp/example_app --skip-javascript --skip-gemfile --skip-git --skip-test-unit"
if test ?d, bindir
Dir.chdir("./tmp/example_app") do
Dir.mkdir("bin") unless"bin")

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