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Mar 05, 2011
David Chelimsky use shortcuts in generated routing specs ccd0009
Mar 23, 2011
mailer should be mailers. Closes #338 e3a806f
Justin Ko changelog abf5d57
Mar 24, 2011
David Chelimsky remove obsolete file ca78581
David Chelimsky upgrade cucumber and aruba 2a0c0d7
Mar 27, 2011
David Chelimsky doc tweak b31bf67
Mar 28, 2011
David Chelimsky Dev: no need to bundle:install in the generated app 5b88686
David Chelimsky Dev: --force the generator to overwrite one of the specs generated
David Chelimsky Dev: use the git protocol in the Gemfiles 81c5ea3
David Chelimsky Dev: copy Gemfile.lock file to generated app 81ef9b0
David Chelimsky point to arel's 2-0-stable branch for rails 3-0-stable ab18f4b
Tim McEwan add namespaced-resource support to scaffold generator
- Closes #331.

e.g. `rails g scaffold admin/user name:string order:integer`
David Chelimsky Dev: generate nested resource for smoke test of generators fe24a1e
David Chelimsky Changelog 924a245
Apr 02, 2011
anderson leite adding rvmrc to gitignore 9ef3edc
anderson leite Remove unncessary before hook from example.
- Closes #348
Apr 03, 2011
Myron Marston Removed unused let. 60ffa4b
David Chelimsky Prefix rspec w/ 'bundle exec' when running aruba-driven cukes cb5c0f5
David Chelimsky no need for ./ in 4aac27a
David Chelimsky revert ack to not copying lock file and running bundle install in the…
… generated app
David Chelimsky Dev: reworked the gemfile config needed to run against multiple versions
of Rails
David Chelimsky add travis config f8c86dd
David Chelimsky constrain to reasonable versions for ci af1102c
Apr 09, 2011
David Chelimsky docs 40d482b
David Chelimsky add gemfile for latest rails 17b7e0d
David Chelimsky Dev: establish connection earlier and more generally.
- supports running specs against rails-master
David Chelimsky run ci against rails 3.0.5, 3-0-stable, and master d823c8f
Apr 10, 2011
David Chelimsky git ignore .rbc files cc1c55e
David Chelimsky Support rspec/rails/mocks without the rest of the rails framework. 91ba131
David Chelimsky changes 0342607
Apr 15, 2011
Franklin Webber Transactions description
- Closes #321
David Chelimsky more doc tweaks d3f5e0b
David Chelimsky typo 5d838bb
Andy Lindeman Fix error in generator name e077140
Apr 16, 2011
Andy Lindeman Allow use of URL helpers even when using anonymous controller
- Closes #355.
- CLoses #339.
David Chelimsky Add thor task for installing bundle with rails-version-specific-gemfile aa1a079
David Chelimsky minor tweaks to previous commit 06517b0
David Chelimsky changelog 5967d4b
Apr 17, 2011
Andy Lindeman Fix error in constant name. Closes #354 27b0cf2
Justin Ko changelog 3c53e96
David Chelimsky Better handling of gemfile scenarios 08f5d4e
David Chelimsky prep for 2.6.0.rc1 cd45332
David Chelimsky comment aruba/cukes in Gemfile 9eaf924
David Chelimsky update changelog f440559
Apr 18, 2011
David Chelimsky don't depend on yourself, silly 421ff03
David Chelimsky bump to 2.6.0.rc2 e0d913f
David Chelimsky update the changelog 1039035
David Chelimsky reinstate cukes/aruba and add 3.0.7 gemfile dea4e4b
Apr 20, 2011
David Chelimsky doc updates 5d2dd10
Justin Ko request_spec.feature - Closes #186 646c00e
Justin Ko request_spec.feature to Relish .nav 7716caf
Apr 23, 2011
David Chelimsky Rework the build to make it more travis-friendly. 023887f
David Chelimsky tell travis to run 'rake ci' 9e84778
David Chelimsky add --trace to rake ci for travis 5331824
David Chelimsky reword request spec narrative 3bb1b1d
David Chelimsky reorder the nav 4fe386d
Justin Ko singular 6385228
Apr 24, 2011
David Chelimsky Update the controller spec generated by the scaffold generator.
- use any_instance where appropriate
- remove mock_model
- add some documentatio
David Chelimsky Revert "Rework the build to make it more travis-friendly."
This reverts commit 023887f.
David Chelimsky Dev: Updates to support binstubs getting generated. 0a4c46c
David Chelimsky try quoting c1b8bca
David Chelimsky config tweaks 52012b8
David Chelimsky exclude dev-only gems for builds on travis 792afc3
David Chelimsky on one line, please 5ad01e1
David Chelimsky simplify 64002d7
David Chelimsky changelog 29415d8
David Chelimsky run bundle install if it hasn't been run yet 1789ce2
David Chelimsky try again with something that might work\! 258d268
David Chelimsky remove obsolete require abee222
David Chelimsky gotta try the setup again\! 29bdf97
David Chelimsky run one travis build until we get it passing - then we can add the ot…
…her ruby and rails versions back in
Apr 25, 2011
David Chelimsky travis config: remove PWD from gemfile paths 841e364
David Chelimsky travis config: two rubies (to trigger matrix build) f5a70a8
David Chelimsky travis config: add extra gemfile 5dcdc62
David Chelimsky Update Capybara integration to support 0.4 and 1.0
- this adds capybara matchers to view and helper specs
- Closes #302.
David Chelimsky limit cukes to rspec and rails APIs 33c14a2
Apr 26, 2011
David Chelimsky doc update e77d224
David Chelimsky typo in comment in generated spec 0434b57
Apr 28, 2011
Mark Turner Override append/prepend_view_paths in controller specs
- inject rspec-rails' path delegator resolver
- Closes #359.
Apr 29, 2011
David Chelimsky Refactor controller/view_paths extensions for view isolation
- handle both Strings and PathSets passed to append_view_path or
David Chelimsky changelog 443aa7c
Apr 30, 2011
David Chelimsky prep for 2.6.0.rc3 0235a9d
May 01, 2011
David Chelimsky changelog tweaks 2326c5d
David Chelimsky bump to 2.6.0.rc4 cc6f35d
May 03, 2011
Oleg Dashevskii Require capybara after rspec/rails/example
Otherwise Capybara's includes are not set correctly.

- Closes #360
- Closes #362
David Chelimsky centralize Capybara config ec15a2f
David Chelimsky changelog b1f5b8f
David Chelimsky sometimes there is no capy at all 154b7de
May 04, 2011
David Chelimsky update gemfile for 3-0-stable 61b9fbb
David Chelimsky centralize the webrat config as well dbce7d2
David Chelimsky move webrat and capybara configs to vendor 92bad32
May 05, 2011
David Chelimsky Support controller specs with both Rails 3.0 and 3.1
- also removed a couple of cukes that are obsolete in 3.1
David Chelimsky build against rails 3.1.0.beta.1 on travis 877ac18
David Chelimsky Define name before subclassing in anonymous controller spec
- this is necessary because Rails 3.1 relies on name in an inherited
May 06, 2011
Joel Moss Relax the dependencies on rails gems to >= 3.0
- Closes #364.
David Chelimsky Dev: add the gems from the Gemfile generated by 'rails new ...' 69770e6
David Chelimsky prep for 2.6.0.rc5 ad77a8d
David Chelimsky prep for rc6 ac2ac25
David Chelimsky raise when trying to build gem if Psych is defined 58b7d20
David Chelimsky Restore the dependencies on the rails gems to ~> 3.0, which includes any
rails < 4.0.

This reverts commit 7d4c1fc.
May 07, 2011
David Chelimsky update render_template matcher doc a7c68a3
David Chelimsky Dev: enhance thor tasks d756e02
David Chelimsky Dev: don't generate rails files we don't need 0bac5cc
David Chelimsky CI: just run one travis build (testing something out) 0a16c83
David Chelimsky Dev: remove unused gems from gemfile for rails 3.1.0.beta1 944478b
David Chelimsky Dev:try disabling assets b46819c
David Chelimsky Dev: no need to update for beta gems 162edd9
David Chelimsky Dev: remove wrap_parameters initializer if present 2a74f08
David Chelimsky Restore travis config to run multiple versions of ruby and rails
This reverts commit 0a16c83.
May 09, 2011
Rodrigo Navarro Excluding spec folder from rcov metrics 7bfde3b
May 11, 2011
David Chelimsky Dev: improved thor task a6cd192
May 12, 2011
David Chelimsky prep for 2.6.0 9a0d207
David Chelimsky docs 2431a2a
May 13, 2011
David Chelimsky align docstring w/ example in cuke 9ba888c
May 16, 2011
David Chelimsky add page on rspec/rails version compatibility 70a57aa
May 17, 2011
David Chelimsky Revert "Dev: remove wrap_parameters initializer if present"
- need this to be there to prove out integration works

This reverts commit 2a74f08.
David Chelimsky Revert "Define name before subclassing in anonymous controller spec"
- this had been done to get around a problem in rails-3.1.0.beta1, but
  that issue has been addressed in the coming rails-3.1.0.rc

This reverts commit 9ebf963.
David Chelimsky Dev: rails 3.1 depends on released arel ae1d371
Andy Lindeman Add failing cuke to demonstrate regression with around_filter 631e889
David Chelimsky CI: remove build against rails-3.1.0.beta1 as master
- 3.1.0.rc is coming shortly
David Chelimsky Change name of anonymous controller to AnonymousController d08601e
David Chelimsky Merge pull request #366 from reu/patch-1
Excluding spec folder from rcov metrics
David Chelimsky Dev: rails master depends on released rack now 96222d6
May 19, 2011
David Chelimsky update Changelog 91b78d0
David Chelimsky doc: add note about helpers defined in controllers 8b5260b
May 21, 2011
jack dempsey guard against calling prerequisites on nil
- Closes #377.
- Closes #378.
David Chelimsky changelog 99ac04d
David Chelimsky a3.1.0.rc1 to build 29809a9
David Chelimsky changelog b374101
May 22, 2011
David Chelimsky Dev: lock rake 0.8.7 a66b22d
David Chelimsky ci: use bin/rake to ensure the locked rake version 7cab06b
David Chelimsky ci: add --binstubs to bundler args 894ab96
David Chelimsky ci: quote args 1a8c4ef
David Chelimsky ci: one more try with --binstubs 4656e6d
David Chelimsky ci: binfiles are in gemfiles/bin/ 129dc19
David Chelimsky ci: shell out to bin/rake to lock down the rake version eb3f3be
David Chelimsky bump to 2.6.1.beta1 99687c0
May 25, 2011
David Chelimsky lock rake at ~> 0.9.0 7037b25
David Chelimsky back to 0.8.7 f8a6b93
David Chelimsky dev: add rdoc to gemfile d2a25bd
David Chelimsky dev: add generic 'thor gemfile:with' command to run bundle commands 02394e6
David Chelimsky bump to 2.6.1 72671f3
David Chelimsky credit fd253db
David Chelimsky ci: add 3.0.8.rc1 to build d3894ad
May 27, 2011
Lewis Marshall Fix #mock_model to enable stubbing of to_s 50d7024
May 28, 2011
David Chelimsky 3.0.8.rc2 a967b0b
May 30, 2011
Justin Ko Merge pull request #381 from econsultancy/econsultancy-2011-05-27
[Fixes #380] Fix #mock_model to enable stubbing of to_s
Justin Ko User "thor gemfile:use", not "thor rails:use" 4ac10d8
Justin Ko spacing 09b76dc
Justin Ko Don't add instance methods if they are stubbed 4303e77
Justin Ko clearer example descriptions 67bbae7
David Chelimsky ci: run against rails-3.0.8.rc3 301ca01
Justin Ko spec the rest of the methods 8e784e8
Justin Ko whoops, was running the spec wrong ee24a72
David Chelimsky inline the specs from the last shared group 34765e1
Jun 01, 2011
David Chelimsky ci: rails 3.0.8.rc4 bf8a853
David Chelimsky relish docs b4560eb
Jun 06, 2011
David Chelimsky doc tweaks a3b334b
David Chelimsky more doc tweaks 56bb408
Jun 07, 2011
David Chelimsky add doc about cookies in controller specs 82542e7
David Chelimsky update doc 551d902
David Chelimsky ci: rails 3.0.8 (final) and 3.1.0.rc2 d59b515
Jun 08, 2011
David Chelimsky ci: rails 3.0.9.rc1 and 3.1.0.rc3 6506f5a
Jun 09, 2011
Alex Rothenberg added generator specs for model_generator using the ammeter gem 60dac28
Justin Ko Merge pull request #393 from alexrothenberg/with_generator_specs
added generator specs for model_generator using the ammeter gem
Justin Ko spacing bcfdbe5
Jun 10, 2011
David Chelimsky Revert "spacing"
This reverts commit bcfdbe5.
David Chelimsky Revert "Merge pull request #393 from alexrothenberg/with_generator_sp…

Not sure why yet, but this merge broke our spec suite.

This reverts commit 78790a2, reversing
changes made to 6506f5a.
David Chelimsky ci: rails 3.1.0.rc4 and 3.9.0.rc3 902ceba
Jun 13, 2011
David Chelimsky ci: rails-3.0.9.rc5 632d20d
David Chelimsky dev: constrain file list in gemspec eb9f887
Jun 16, 2011
David Chelimsky ci: run against rails-3.0.9 (final) e0cd00c
Jun 20, 2011
Alex Rothenberg added generator specs for model_generator using the ammeter gem 83622b2
David Chelimsky ci: exclude local dev gems from travis bundle 548d8f6
Jun 21, 2011
David Chelimsky dev: exclude rcov tasks when using ruby 1.9 51cfcac
Justin Ko spacing 11f5cda
Alex Rothenberg patch so ammeter and generator specs work with rails 3.1 171393d
Alex Rothenberg added a feature for testing a generator 511e8b2
Justin Ko Merge pull request #397 from alexrothenberg/with_generator_specs
Follow up to #393: added generator specs for model_generator using the ammeter gem
Justin Ko singularize feature filename 53147d6
Justin Ko spacing fff2a23
Justin Ko dev change cf044fc
Jun 22, 2011
David Chelimsky ci: remove obsolete config c7ad31d
Jun 23, 2011
David Chelimsky bump to cucumber 1.0.0 5c07dea
Alex Rothenberg specs for all the rspec-rails generators 82352cb
Justin Ko Merge pull request #402 from alexrothenberg/more_generator_specs
specs for all the rspec-rails generators
Justin Ko should-less 327eecd
Jun 24, 2011
Brent J. Nordquist #403 (comment)
Per justinko, removed ".to_s" from all ":id => <%= file_name %>.id" for consistency.
Alex Rothenberg removing features/generator_specs as it tests ammeter functionality a…
…nd does not belong in rspec-rails
David Chelimsky Merge pull request #405 from alexrothenberg/removing_generator_feature
remove features/generator_specs as it tests ammeter functionality
Justin Ko Merge pull request #404 from bjnord/patch-1
Patch for controller spec generator :id inconsistency (#403)
Jun 25, 2011
David Chelimsky move to project root bda362b
David Chelimsky changelog 18c02e2
David Chelimsky ci: use https for travis badge 3018843
David Chelimsky dev docs 0a256fc
David Chelimsky ci: bump aruba timeout to 15 seconds (srsly?) a1604b1
David Chelimsky Fix bug caused by fixture_file_upload reading from ActionController::…
…TestCase instead of self.class.

- This should also be fixed in rails-3.1
  - rails/rails#1861
- Fixes #252
Jun 26, 2011
Justin Ko better example description for generated controllers 465cb3e
Jun 28, 2011
José Valim Run all spec/*_spec.rb files instead of just the ones listed in the d…
Justin Ko Merge pull request #407 from josevalim/patch-1
Run all spec/*_spec.rb files instead of just the ones listed in the direc
Jul 03, 2011
David Chelimsky Changelog 44f4988
David Chelimsky support nested resource in view spec generator
- Fixes #409.
David Chelimsky Changelog fc75bc7
Jul 07, 2011
David Chelimsky doc tweaks 20f3780
Jul 11, 2011
Lucas Caton Adjusts in README file 62ad935
David Chelimsky Merge pull request #412 from lucascaton/master
Adjusts in README file
Jul 28, 2011
David Chelimsky ci: bump 3.1.0 to rc5 and add 3-1-stable af9ba4c
Aug 03, 2011
Alan Shields Provide a better example of how to stub a helper method in a view spec
When I upgraded to Rails 3.0.9 I ran into an issue where
controller.singleton_class.class_eval was leaving behind cruft for
other tests to run into.

We exploit the fact that helper methods are imported into the view class
to stub those helpers.
Justin Ko Merge pull request #420 from alanshields/stub-helper
Better example of how to stub a helper method in a view.
Aug 04, 2011
David Chelimsky ci: add rails 3.0.10 6ca1238
Aug 14, 2011
David Chelimsky require 'rspec/autorun' in generated spec_helper
- Closes #424
Aug 15, 2011
Lenny Marks Re-introduced :bypass_rescue in ControllerExampleGroup
- Closes #426
David Chelimsky override method via extend (avoids warning from Ruby) a550d08
Aug 16, 2011
David Chelimsky add spec for bypass_rescue e028626
David Chelimsky rename feature to bypass_rescue and tweak it a bit b4da358
David Chelimsky Changelog b306f55
Aug 17, 2011
Andy Lindeman Infer base class of anonymous controllers
- Closes #421, #427
David Chelimsky beef up anonymous controller doc 58e89df
Aug 18, 2011
Andy Lindeman [Fixes #398] ActiveRecord::Relation can use =~ matcher 028a174
Andy Lindeman Moving ar_classes to spec/support 311e51f
Andy Lindeman Add spec coverage for ActiveSupport::Relation =~ matcher 0a82f91
Aug 19, 2011
Andy Lindeman Only register operator if ActiveRecord is defined 05a2b6c
Justin Ko Merge pull request #428 from alindeman/ar_relation_match_array
[Fixes #398] ActiveRecord::Relation can use =~ matcher
Justin Ko changelog 99526fd
Aug 22, 2011
David Chelimsky bump rails 3.0.10 to the production release and 3.1.0 to rc6 60312d5
Aug 28, 2011
Marc Weil Edited gemfiles/base.rb via GitHub 0130c2f
Marc Weil Fix deps so things actually work. f3e6d41
Marc Weil Parse query parameters and pass them to assert_recognizes. 096aaab
Marc Weil Add case in spec for dealing with multiple query params. c94c1a8
David Chelimsky Merge pull request #431 from marcweil/master
Parse query parameters and pass them to assert_recognizes
David Chelimsky let Rack::Utils parse the query string in route_to matcher 736e496
David Chelimsky changes ceeed7a
Aug 29, 2011
Marc G Gauthier Use Github Flavored Markdown d023586
David Chelimsky Merge pull request #432 from marcgg/colored-readme
Use Github Flavored Markdown for the README
David Chelimsky Revert "Use Github Flavored Markdown"
Nice idea, but it breaks display in other environments.

This reverts commit d023586.
Aug 31, 2011
David Chelimsky ci: run against production release of rails 3.1.0 2008531
Sep 01, 2011
Andy Lindeman Fix mistake in check to see if ActiveRecord is defined 38c0faa
Justin Ko Merge pull request #434 from alindeman/ar_relation_match_array
Fix mistake in check to see if ActiveRecord is defined
Sep 05, 2011
David Chelimsky Define primary_key method on class generated by mock_model("WithAStri…

- Closes #435.
Sep 06, 2011
David Chelimsky use rake 0.9.2 346b0a2
David Chelimsky dev: no need to update what we just loaded 9a92b75
Sep 23, 2011
Andrei Maxim Use the correct Travis status icon URL 5dce44c
Justin Ko Merge pull request #444 from xhr/master
Use the correct Travis CI status image URL
Justin Ko Fixed incorrect documentation for stub_model. Thanks Evgeniy Dolzhenko. 1b8c886
Oct 02, 2011
David Chelimsky ci: add journey to gemfile for rails master 68cb4ea
David Chelimsky dev: add association IDs for rails 3.2 d85e787
Oct 04, 2011
David Chelimsky ci: add rails 3.1.1 and ruby 1.9.3 to travis config 45aca2a
Oct 06, 2011
David Chelimsky ci: bump rails 3.1.1 to rc3 5649a36
Oct 09, 2011
David Chelimsky ci: run against rails 3.1.1 final 4a1cb78
David Chelimsky bump to 2.7.0.rc1 aea643f