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Nov 13, 2012
Andy Lindeman Fixes changes link 58a9c1d
Eric Marden check for ActiveRecord::Assocations 6d4192a
Andy Lindeman Merge pull request #637 from styleseek/master
Check for ActiveRecord::Associations and not just ActiveRecord
Andy Lindeman Changelog for #637 [ci skip] 74d01ec
Nov 17, 2012
Andy Lindeman Whitespace consistency b870e0f
Nov 20, 2012
Andy Lindeman Also delegates the `message` message.
* Required for `assert_recognizes` on Rails master.
Andy Lindeman Revert "Also delegates the `message` message."
This reverts commit 2885db5.

This needs more careful consideration since it would break anyone using
`let(:message)`. See #152 for more details.
Nov 28, 2012
John Firebaugh Don't assume ActiveModel is available
Like ActiveRecord, it is optional and its railtie may not
have been required.
Andy Lindeman Merge pull request #642 from jfirebaugh/am
Don't assume ActiveModel is available
Dec 01, 2012
Pascal Jungblut Prevent inclusion if the directory doesn't exactly match the path
For example spec/apifoobar should not have the RequestExampleGroup included
but spec/api should.
Documents also the two additional paths for integration tests, spec/integration and
Dec 02, 2012
Brian Cardarella README doesn't reflect actual installed gems
'rspec' is not longer installed:
Andy Lindeman Merge pull request #646 from pascalj/issue-643
Prevent inclusion if the directory doesn't exactly match the path
Andy Lindeman Merge pull request #647 from bcardarella/master
Dec 03, 2012
Andy Lindeman Rails assertions are isolated to their own class
* This allows Rails assertions to use minitest assertion methods like
  `assert_equal` and `message` without interfering with RSpec example
  groups. Especially in the case of something like `message`, it's
  plausible that a user would setup a `let(:message)` and we would not
  want it to conflict with Rails attempting to use the `message` method
  from minitest.

* The use of class variables is unfortunate, but it's the only way I
  could think of (right now) to avoid using `define_method` and paying
  the price of a closure for every method call to the isolated class.

* Fixes #635
Andy Lindeman Supports MRI 1.9.2 and nixes the use of class variables 2aa1bb8
Yi Wen `subject.should be_valid` works correctly with ActiveResource models
* ... where valid? does not take an argument
* Closes #648
Andy Lindeman Merge branch 'valid-for-active-resource' 1012a6a
Andy Lindeman Supports Rails 4 where each model has its own Relation subclass 3b28ce7
Andy Lindeman Changelog 3d52462
Andy Lindeman Merge branch 'issue_635' bb5b8d9
Dec 04, 2012
Andy Lindeman Adds __FILE__ and __LINE__ for better backtraces in class_eval code f1f7c02
Andy Lindeman Corrects Changelog entry
[ci skip]
Tom Scott Add BeValid matcher for checking validity of models. 11b0cf2
Dec 05, 2012
Tom Scott Fix call to ActiveModel::Validations 6629eec
Tom Scott Add newfangled syntax to be_valid matcher 5791280
Tom Scott Test for matcher error text instead 566dc22
Tom Scott Include BeValid in RSpec::Rails::Matchers
- Add method for calling BeValid
- Remove unnecessary conditional
- Add documentation for matcher
Andy Lindeman Revert "Supports Rails 4 where each model has its own Relation subclass"
This reverts commit 3b28ce7.

* OperatorRegistry now matches on ancestor chain, so this change is no
  longer necessary. See
Andy Lindeman Improves the tests a bit and passes any `context` arguments to `valid?` 2e0c445
Andy Lindeman Merge branch 'be-valid-matcher' 04ec29e
Dec 07, 2012
Paulo L F Casaretto Add cuke feature explaining custom routes 4469230
Andy Lindeman Merge branch 'controller-draw-docs' ee3f224
Dec 10, 2012
Daniel Schierbeck Use a null template handler when stubbing out views 22d3731
Andy Lindeman Breaks out the empty template handler to a strongly named class 5249364
Andy Lindeman Changelog [ci skip] 9e815dc
Andy Lindeman Merge branch 'null-template-handler' 0c75cdc
Dec 11, 2012
Andy Lindeman Fixes typo in link href
* Fixes #654
Andy Lindeman Anonymous controllers define `_routes`
* To support redirection and generation of URLs from other contexts
* Fixes #573
Dec 13, 2012
Andy Lindeman Uses the latest version of Rails by default
* This will require bumping this version periodically, but leaving the
  version has caused hanging of the `bundle` command for some folks
Dec 30, 2012
Andy Lindeman The generated spec_helper.rb in Rails 4 includes a check for pending …
Jan 06, 2013
Andy Lindeman Moves Rails 4 fixes to "Bug Fixes" section ef674a8
Andy Lindeman Changelog for #573 4d6fc91
Jan 07, 2013
Andy Lindeman Syncs changelog from 2.12.1 [ci skip] 383b442
Andy Lindeman Supports Rails 4 again
* Requires Bundler 1.3.0.pre
* Has its own `bin/` directory
Andy Lindeman Dir.exist? is not available on 1.8.7; use instead 9f463b9
Jan 12, 2013
Andy Lindeman Revert "Anonymous controllers define `_routes`"
This reverts commit 09793f8.

* We ended up breaking specs that relied on non-anonymous routes. We
  will investigate a better solution for 2.13 instead.
Andy Lindeman Bumps to the latest versions of Rails 648d807
Andy Lindeman Adds regression feature for referring to application routes within an…
… anonymous controller
Jan 13, 2013
Andy Lindeman Avoids 1.9 syntax a0f338d
Jan 21, 2013
Peter Jaros Typo: FeatureExampleGroup adds :type => :feature
Not :type => :model.
Andy Lindeman Merge pull request #674 from Peeja/patch-1
Typo: FeatureExampleGroup adds :type => :feature
David Chelimsky use eq matcher instead of eql
- the eq matcher is the default matcher for equality. It redirects to
  ==, whereas the eql matcher redirects to eql?, which has varied
  semantics across types.
Andy Lindeman Merge pull request #675 from rspec/eq-instead-of-eql
use eq matcher instead of eql
Jan 24, 2013
Chris Thorn Add spec/features to stats directories baeeb79
Andy Lindeman Merge pull request #678 from ResourceDataInc/feature-stats
Add spec/features to stats directories
Feb 02, 2013
Andy Lindeman Revert "Make rspec to copy schema structure if schema format is :sql."
This reverts commit 6d726b5.

* See discussion in #663
Andy Lindeman Uses test:prepare as the prereq
* Normally aliased as db:test:prepare
* But can be overridden by other ORMs
* Closes #663
Feb 03, 2013
Andy Lindeman Corrects typo in Rakefile when setting the LOCATION environment variable fd5572c
Andy Lindeman Uses assert_select correctly in edit scaffolded specs
* Fixes #664
Andy Lindeman Uses assert_select correctly in new scaffolded specs 1d7f8f7
Feb 07, 2013
Add spec:features task d202467
Feb 09, 2013
Andy Lindeman Merge pull request #686 from itzki/features_task
Add spec:features task
Andy Lindeman Freshen the README a bit
[ci skip]
Andy Lindeman Changelog for #686 [ci skip] 152a88d
Andy Lindeman Builds on 2.0.0 (but allow failures for now) ac928d6
Andy Lindeman Tests with Rails observers enabled in Rails 4
* These have been extracted to the rails-observers gem
Andy Lindeman Rails 4 defaults to #update rather than #update_attributes b50018e
Feb 13, 2013
pjambet Use new Codeclimate badge, made by @olivierlacan 84c1f47
Andy Lindeman Merge pull request #690 from pjambet/use_new_codeclimate_shield
Use new Codeclimate badge, made by @olivierlacan
Feb 17, 2013
Andy Lindeman Reorder and freshen up the documentation on model specs a bit 960c7ff
Andy Lindeman Freshen up README scenario
[ci skip]
Andy Lindeman Corrects documentation typo [ci skip] a3c47b3
Andy Lindeman Freshen up the README docs for controller specs [ci skip] c3d9ad9
Andy Lindeman Removes old model docs from README [ci skip] 2622b13
Andy Lindeman Removes old controller spec docs from README in favor of a concise ov…
…erview and links to relishapp [ci skip]
Andy Lindeman Expands README examples for controller specs [ci skip] 559dd49
Feb 23, 2013
Rudolf Schmidt Rake tasks are automatically generated for each spec/ directory 66bad4a
Andy Lindeman Merge branch 'rudiorails-master' 2011c22
Andy Lindeman Test against 3.2.12 by default 8b3b1b4
Andy Lindeman Test against the latest versions of Rails 2ed1d11
Myron Marston Update changelog for release a3eeedf
Myron Marston 2.13.0 release 1fe809c