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Commits on Jun 24, 2012
@justinko justinko No need for explicit return statement.
@justinko justinko Nothing "custom" about this.
@justinko justinko Move the "application swapping" to an `around` filter in the spec_hel…
@justinko justinko After thinking about it, there is nothing "engine specific" about any…
… of this new code. Therefore, no need to have engine specific specs.
@justinko justinko Better changelog message.
Commits on Jun 26, 2012
@dchelimsky dchelimsky convert matchers to subclass BaseMatcher class
Commits on Jul 07, 2012
@dchelimsky dchelimsky revert all changes for #539
- not ready for release so backing out
- changes are stored in engine-support branch
@dchelimsky dchelimsky bump to 2.11.0
@dchelimsky dchelimsky improve automation for publishing to
Commits on Jul 08, 2012
@urkle urkle add feature example of alternative usage of errors_on
Commits on Jul 21, 2012
@alindeman alindeman Merge pull request #570 from urkle/errors_on
add feature example of alternative usage of errors_on
Commits on Jul 26, 2012
@dchelimsky dchelimsky dev: fix inclusion of custom Gemfile
@dchelimsky dchelimsky ci: bump to latest rails versions
Commits on Jul 27, 2012
@dchelimsky dchelimsky ci: update git-sourced dependencies for master and 2-3-stable
Commits on Jul 30, 2012
@mrjordangoldstein mrjordangoldstein Include require 'spec_helper' in README code examples, fixes #581
Commits on Aug 01, 2012
@henrik henrik Clarify when webrat/capybara autoloading applies.
Since I got it wrong: #360
@dchelimsky dchelimsky Merge pull request #585 from henrik/patch-1
Clarify when webrat/capybara autoloading applies.
Commits on Aug 03, 2012
@dchelimsky dchelimsky Add should and should_not to CollectionProxy
- Fixes #588.
- Fixes #445.
Commits on Aug 05, 2012
@dchelimsky dchelimsky dev: update dev dependencies
@dchelimsky dchelimsky Revert "Add should and should_not to CollectionProxy"
This reverts commit abfd0fc.
Commits on Aug 06, 2012
@myronmarston myronmarston A better fix for CollectionProxy#should.
- Delay the fix so that users can configure a different expectation framework.
- Handle the right class for rails 3.0 (AssociationProxy) and 3.1+ (CollectionProxy).

- Fixes #588.
- Fixes #445.
@myronmarston myronmarston A couple fixes from @dchelimsky's comments. 48a0d0c
@banyan banyan Accept namespace with double-colon 909af09
Commits on Aug 07, 2012
@alindeman alindeman Merge pull request #591 from banyan/namespace-with-double-colon
Accept namespace with double-colon
@alindeman alindeman Changelog for #591
[ci skip]
@alindeman alindeman README uses expect() syntax 9324260
@alindeman alindeman Merge pull request #582 from mrjordangoldstein/master
Include require 'spec_helper' in README code examples, fixes #581
@alindeman alindeman Features use new expect() syntax a65ff6e
@alindeman alindeman Merge pull request #593 from rspec/features_use_expect_syntax
Features use new expect() syntax
@dchelimsky dchelimsky ci: run against rails-3.2.8.rc2 8d3ab42
@alindeman alindeman Merge pull request #592 from rspec/readme_uses_expect_syntax
README uses expect() syntax
Commits on Aug 18, 2012
@jonhyman jonhyman Checking for existence of ActiveRecord in proxy.rb before getting con…
…stants from it.
@dchelimsky dchelimsky only add should[_not] to ActiveRecord classes if AR defined 07d6a1a
@dchelimsky dchelimsky Revert "only add should[_not] to ActiveRecord classes if AR defined"
This reverts commit 07d6a1a.
@dchelimsky dchelimsky Merge pull request #599 from jonhyman/feature/ar-check
Checking for existence of ActiveRecord in proxy.rb before getting constants from it.
Commits on Sep 08, 2012
@dchelimsky dchelimsky replace 'it "should' with 'it "does' (using should_clean gem) 69a63ce
Commits on Sep 11, 2012
@patmaddox patmaddox Update README w/ links to Factory Girl & Capybara 63d9abc
Commits on Sep 12, 2012
David Chelimsky Gemfile-custom updates 8c93c27
@woahdae woahdae Support validation contexts when using #errors_on
Previously, Model#errors_on calls Model#valid?, which will both clear
the errors hash and run validations in the default context. This adds an
:context option to #errors_on that gets passed to #valid?, allowing using
errors_on with validation contexts.

Exmaple usage:

    class Foo
      validates :name, length: {minimum: 20}, on: :publication

    describe Foo
      it 'should have a name greater than 20 characters on publication' do = 'too short' have(1).error_on(:name, context: :publication)
@alindeman alindeman Merge branch 'errors_on_with_validation_context'
@alindeman alindeman Changelog for #605
[ci skip]
@alindeman alindeman Uses latest versions of Rails for CI 7a019a6
Commits on Sep 13, 2012
@alindeman alindeman Fixes name of ActiveRecord deprecated finders gem f48946e
@alindeman alindeman Installs bundler 1.2 on Travis which is required for Rails master 410ad03
@alindeman alindeman Reduces time needed to install/compile gems on @travis-ci 171f869
Commits on Sep 15, 2012
@alindeman alindeman Simply install the latest version of bundler f9d696b
@alindeman alindeman --trace runs of tests inside the sample app (debugging travis weirdness) bc5956a
@alindeman alindeman Fixes the build on Rails master
* `self.table_name=` has been preferred for a while (and supported since
  Rails 3.0.0); `set_table_name` is gone in Rails 4.
Commits on Sep 16, 2012
@alindeman alindeman Abort with non-zero exit status if any command fails 4dddd85
Commits on Sep 18, 2012
@agirorn agirorn Using contain in the View specs example is misleading because it does…
… not work without including an extra gem.
Commits on Sep 19, 2012
@dchelimsky dchelimsky Merge pull request #608 from agirorn/use_include_in_view_spec_example
Using contain in the View specs example is misleading.
Commits on Sep 24, 2012
@alindeman alindeman Scaffolded controller specs are compatible with Rails 4
* Rails 4 introduces
* If a model is scaffolded with attributes (e.g., `rails generate
  scaffold foo bar:string`), Rails will generate a controller that only
  accepts `bar`. This means that the controller spec must be aware of
  the specific parameters when sending PUT (update) requests.
* Furthermore if a model is scaffolded with attributes, Rails generates
  a controller that *requires* the #presence of attributes. This means
  we cannot send in an empty Hash, as the Rails framework will return a
  400 Bad Request.
Commits on Sep 25, 2012
@alindeman alindeman Merge pull request #611 from alindeman/rails4
Scaffolded controller specs are compatible with Rails 4
Commits on Oct 01, 2012
@alindeman alindeman Adds example of using render_template in a view spec
* This is currently failing under Rails 4.0
@alindeman alindeman Correctly assign @gadgets so the view renders properly 8474e9d
Commits on Oct 04, 2012
@blowmage blowmage Remove unnecessary require
The rake task doesn't use core, and doesn't need the DSL loaded to work.
Having core loaded stomps on minitest if in the same project.
@blowmage blowmage Update dependencies in the gemspec
Switch dependency away from 'rspec' because it loads core, which loads the DSL.
This change allows rspec-rails to live side-by-side with minitest-rails.
Commits on Oct 05, 2012
@dchelimsky dchelimsky Merge pull request #615 from blowmage/minitest-rails
Allow rspec-rails rake task to live with minitest-rails
Commits on Oct 06, 2012
@dchelimsky dchelimsky include Capybara::DSL and Capybara::RSpecMatchers in spec/features 9332167
@dchelimsky dchelimsky add RequestExampleGroup to specs in spec/api
@dchelimsky dchelimsky Changelog 0dbd908
@dchelimsky dchelimsky include RailsExampleGroup in spec/features (necessary when there is n…
…o AR)
Commits on Oct 07, 2012
@alindeman alindeman Sets `#controller_path` in all versions of Rails
* Fixes #316
@alindeman alindeman Merge branch 'issue_316' 3214564
Commits on Oct 09, 2012
@alindeman alindeman Improves developer documentation 1f8b20d
@alindeman alindeman Be a little more forgiving when RAILS_VERSION or .rails-version does …
…not exist
Commits on Oct 12, 2012
@vanstee vanstee Identify ruby code for syntax highlighting
Fixes #617
@alindeman alindeman Merge pull request #619 from vanstee/ruby_file_doc_strings
Identify ruby code for syntax highlighting
Commits on Oct 13, 2012
@alindeman alindeman Generated specs support module namespacing (e.g., in a Rails engine)
* Fixes #448
Commits on Oct 14, 2012
@dchelimsky dchelimsky add
@dchelimsky dchelimsky prep for 2.11.1 d568851
@dchelimsky dchelimsky need to add to .yardopts 3d54ead
@dchelimsky dchelimsky one more rename c5bdbfb
@dchelimsky dchelimsky better capy integration docs 6f551cd
@dchelimsky dchelimsky tweak capy integration docs 732e148
@dchelimsky dchelimsky gotta add files to gemspec too
@dchelimsky dchelimsky OMG, DRY violations in docs - prep for 2.11.4 087f8f1
Commits on Oct 17, 2012
@jfirebaugh jfirebaugh Fix bare #render in view specs on Rails 3.1
656ff3 made this compatible with 3.2 by splitting the
name of the template in the description into its base
name, locale, format and handler components, but in
doing so broke compatibility with 3.1 and earlier,
which does not support the extra options.
Commits on Oct 20, 2012
@alindeman alindeman Merge pull request #624 from jfirebaugh/render_3.1
Fix bare #render in view specs on Rails 3.1
@alindeman alindeman Changelog for #624 [ci skip]
@bjnord bjnord Removes AutoTest config/ exception
* Mappings for files under config/ will work
* Fixes #625
* Closes 627
Commits on Oct 24, 2012
@alindeman alindeman Adds custom failure messages for #be_new_record matcher
* Fixes #628
Commits on Oct 27, 2012
@alindeman alindeman A first stab of fixing `assert_template` in Rails 4 view specs
* It's relatively unobtrustive, but feels quite dirty. I'm hoping this
  is a temporary fix that produces feedback on something better.
@alindeman alindeman Capybara feature specs may use Rails URL helpers 96e1c33
@alindeman alindeman Documents how to customize `rake spec`
* Closes #521
Commits on Nov 06, 2012
@jayeff jayeff Fix link to on
reflect rename
@dchelimsky dchelimsky Merge pull request #633 from jayeff/master was renamed, reflect this change in
@alindeman alindeman Merge pull request #630 from alindeman/capybara_url_helpers
Capybara feature specs may use Rails URL helpers
Commits on Nov 09, 2012
Fixed confusing type error.
@alindeman alindeman Merge pull request #634 from TKAB/patch-1
Really rspec-2.11.1 or rspec-rails-2.11.1
@alindeman alindeman Revert "Capybara feature specs may use Rails URL helpers"
This reverts commit 96e1c33.

* We'll instead use an implementation that adds a proper
  FeatureExampleGroup (see #632)
Commits on Nov 10, 2012
@jnicklas jnicklas Add example group for features
This fixes various issues with the integration between RSpec and Capybara 2.0.

- It includes Route helpers, these were previously unavailable, due to
  the fact that the only reason they are available in request spec is
  that those delegate via method_missing to an IntegrationTest instance.

- It adds the `:feature` type to all features. This way people can
  include module into `:type => :feature` examples and they will work
  when their specs are places in this folder.

David previously commented that he didn't want to add Capybara specific
behaviour outside of `rspec/rails/capybara`. I was careful to avoid
doing that. The feature example group does not explicitly include
Capybara, instead, Capybara is included due to Capybara itself hooking
into `:type => :feature`. This is much cleaner than the way it was

I tested this against both a freshly generated Rails app, as well as an
existing, rather large project, both worked well.
Commits on Nov 11, 2012
@alindeman alindeman Adds cukes for feature specs (capybara integration) 6e68bdd
@alindeman alindeman Replaces `match` with `get`. `match` is removed in Rails 4 56473fd
Commits on Nov 12, 2012
@dchelimsky dchelimsky Add rails-2.3.9 to travis config a731794
Commits on Nov 13, 2012
@alindeman alindeman prep for 2.12 dcabc3a
@alindeman alindeman Wraps code in backticks
[ci skip]
@alindeman alindeman Updates cucumber feature for changes to ActiveRecord in Rails 4
* Rails 4 deprecates #scoped in favor of #all
@alindeman alindeman Updates to rake 10 as 0.9.3 introduces incompatibilities bbd6f36
@dchelimsky dchelimsky --trace is now --backtrace fb9eda1
@dchelimsky dchelimsky bump version to 2.12 edd4a73
@alindeman alindeman Fixes changes link 58a9c1d
@xentek xentek check for ActiveRecord::Assocations 6d4192a
Commits on Nov 14, 2012
@alindeman alindeman Merge pull request #637 from styleseek/master
Check for ActiveRecord::Associations and not just ActiveRecord
@alindeman alindeman Changelog for #637 [ci skip]
Commits on Nov 17, 2012
@alindeman alindeman Whitespace consistency b870e0f
Commits on Nov 21, 2012
@alindeman alindeman Also delegates the `message` message.
* Required for `assert_recognizes` on Rails master.
@alindeman alindeman Revert "Also delegates the `message` message."
This reverts commit 2885db5.

This needs more careful consideration since it would break anyone using
`let(:message)`. See #152 for more details.
Commits on Nov 28, 2012
@jfirebaugh jfirebaugh Don't assume ActiveModel is available
Like ActiveRecord, it is optional and its railtie may not
have been required.
@alindeman alindeman Merge pull request #642 from jfirebaugh/am
Don't assume ActiveModel is available
Commits on Dec 01, 2012
@pascalj pascalj Prevent inclusion if the directory doesn't exactly match the path
For example spec/apifoobar should not have the RequestExampleGroup included
but spec/api should.
Documents also the two additional paths for integration tests, spec/integration and
Commits on Dec 02, 2012
@bcardarella bcardarella README doesn't reflect actual installed gems
'rspec' is not longer installed:
@alindeman alindeman Merge pull request #646 from pascalj/issue-643
Prevent inclusion if the directory doesn't exactly match the path
@alindeman alindeman Merge pull request #647 from bcardarella/master
Commits on Dec 03, 2012
@alindeman alindeman Rails assertions are isolated to their own class
* This allows Rails assertions to use minitest assertion methods like
  `assert_equal` and `message` without interfering with RSpec example
  groups. Especially in the case of something like `message`, it's
  plausible that a user would setup a `let(:message)` and we would not
  want it to conflict with Rails attempting to use the `message` method
  from minitest.

* The use of class variables is unfortunate, but it's the only way I
  could think of (right now) to avoid using `define_method` and paying
  the price of a closure for every method call to the isolated class.

* Fixes #635
Commits on Dec 04, 2012
@alindeman alindeman Supports MRI 1.9.2 and nixes the use of class variables
@ywen ywen `subject.should be_valid` works correctly with ActiveResource models
* ... where valid? does not take an argument
* Closes #648
@alindeman alindeman Merge branch 'valid-for-active-resource' 1012a6a
@alindeman alindeman Supports Rails 4 where each model has its own Relation subclass
@alindeman alindeman Changelog
@alindeman alindeman Merge branch 'issue_635' bb5b8d9
@alindeman alindeman Adds __FILE__ and __LINE__ for better backtraces in class_eval code f1f7c02
@alindeman alindeman Corrects Changelog entry
[ci skip]
Commits on Dec 05, 2012
@tubbo tubbo Add BeValid matcher for checking validity of models.
@tubbo tubbo Fix call to ActiveModel::Validations
@tubbo tubbo Add newfangled syntax to be_valid matcher
@tubbo tubbo Test for matcher error text instead
Commits on Dec 06, 2012
@tubbo tubbo Include BeValid in RSpec::Rails::Matchers
- Add method for calling BeValid
- Remove unnecessary conditional
- Add documentation for matcher
@alindeman alindeman Revert "Supports Rails 4 where each model has its own Relation subclass"
This reverts commit 3b28ce7.

* OperatorRegistry now matches on ancestor chain, so this change is no
  longer necessary. See
@alindeman alindeman Improves the tests a bit and passes any `context` arguments to `valid?`
@alindeman alindeman Merge branch 'be-valid-matcher' 04ec29e
Commits on Dec 08, 2012
@pcasaretto pcasaretto Add cuke feature explaining custom routes
@alindeman alindeman Merge branch 'controller-draw-docs' ee3f224
Commits on Dec 11, 2012
@dasch dasch Use a null template handler when stubbing out views
@alindeman alindeman Breaks out the empty template handler to a strongly named class
@alindeman alindeman Changelog [ci skip]
@alindeman alindeman Merge branch 'null-template-handler' 0c75cdc
@alindeman alindeman Fixes typo in link href
* Fixes #654
Commits on Dec 12, 2012
@alindeman alindeman Anonymous controllers define `_routes`
* To support redirection and generation of URLs from other contexts
* Fixes #573
Commits on Dec 14, 2012
@alindeman alindeman Uses the latest version of Rails by default
* This will require bumping this version periodically, but leaving the
  version has caused hanging of the `bundle` command for some folks
Commits on Dec 31, 2012
@alindeman alindeman The generated spec_helper.rb in Rails 4 includes a check for pending …
Commits on Jan 07, 2013
@alindeman alindeman Moves Rails 4 fixes to "Bug Fixes" section ef674a8
@alindeman alindeman Changelog for #573 4d6fc91
@alindeman alindeman Syncs changelog from 2.12.1 [ci skip]
@alindeman alindeman Supports Rails 4 again
* Requires Bundler 1.3.0.pre
* Has its own `bin/` directory
@alindeman alindeman Dir.exist? is not available on 1.8.7; use instead 9f463b9
Commits on Jan 12, 2013
@alindeman alindeman Revert "Anonymous controllers define `_routes`"
This reverts commit 09793f8.

* We ended up breaking specs that relied on non-anonymous routes. We
  will investigate a better solution for 2.13 instead.
@alindeman alindeman Bumps to the latest versions of Rails 648d807
@alindeman alindeman Adds regression feature for referring to application routes within an…
… anonymous controller
Commits on Jan 13, 2013
@alindeman alindeman Avoids 1.9 syntax a0f338d
Commits on Jan 21, 2013
@Peeja Peeja Typo: FeatureExampleGroup adds :type => :feature
Not :type => :model.
@alindeman alindeman Merge pull request #674 from Peeja/patch-1
Typo: FeatureExampleGroup adds :type => :feature
@dchelimsky dchelimsky use eq matcher instead of eql
- the eq matcher is the default matcher for equality. It redirects to
  ==, whereas the eql matcher redirects to eql?, which has varied
  semantics across types.
@alindeman alindeman Merge pull request #675 from rspec/eq-instead-of-eql
use eq matcher instead of eql
Commits on Jan 25, 2013
@thorncp thorncp Add spec/features to stats directories baeeb79
@alindeman alindeman Merge pull request #678 from ResourceDataInc/feature-stats
Add spec/features to stats directories
Commits on Feb 02, 2013
@alindeman alindeman Revert "Make rspec to copy schema structure if schema format is :sql."
This reverts commit 6d726b5.

* See discussion in #663
@alindeman alindeman Uses test:prepare as the prereq
* Normally aliased as db:test:prepare
* But can be overridden by other ORMs
* Closes #663
Commits on Feb 03, 2013
@alindeman alindeman Corrects typo in Rakefile when setting the LOCATION environment variable fd5572c
@alindeman alindeman Uses assert_select correctly in edit scaffolded specs
* Fixes #664
@alindeman alindeman Uses assert_select correctly in new scaffolded specs 1d7f8f7
Commits on Feb 07, 2013
@itzki itzki Add spec:features task d202467
Commits on Feb 09, 2013
@alindeman alindeman Merge pull request #686 from itzki/features_task
Add spec:features task
@alindeman alindeman Freshen the README a bit
[ci skip]
@alindeman alindeman Changelog for #686 [ci skip]
@alindeman alindeman Builds on 2.0.0 (but allow failures for now) ac928d6
@alindeman alindeman Tests with Rails observers enabled in Rails 4
* These have been extracted to the rails-observers gem
@alindeman alindeman Rails 4 defaults to #update rather than #update_attributes b50018e
Commits on Feb 13, 2013
@pjambet pjambet Use new Codeclimate badge, made by @olivierlacan 84c1f47
@alindeman alindeman Merge pull request #690 from pjambet/use_new_codeclimate_shield
Use new Codeclimate badge, made by @olivierlacan
Commits on Feb 17, 2013
@alindeman alindeman Reorder and freshen up the documentation on model specs a bit 960c7ff
@alindeman alindeman Freshen up README scenario
[ci skip]
@alindeman alindeman Corrects documentation typo [ci skip]
@alindeman alindeman Freshen up the README docs for controller specs [ci skip]
@alindeman alindeman Removes old model docs from README [ci skip]
@alindeman alindeman Removes old controller spec docs from README in favor of a concise ov…
…erview and links to relishapp [ci skip]
@alindeman alindeman Expands README examples for controller specs [ci skip]
Commits on Feb 23, 2013
@rudionrails rudionrails Rake tasks are automatically generated for each spec/ directory
@alindeman alindeman Merge branch 'rudiorails-master' 2011c22
@alindeman alindeman Test against 3.2.12 by default
@alindeman alindeman Test against the latest versions of Rails 2ed1d11
@myronmarston myronmarston Update changelog for release a3eeedf
@myronmarston myronmarston 2.13.0 release 1fe809c
Commits on Apr 06, 2013
@alindeman alindeman Removes gem 'relish' which was accidentally added to Gemfile by me
* This is a release-specific gem

[ci skip]
@alindeman alindeman Allows routing specs to specify their routes
* For example, when testing Rails engines

[Closes #668]
@alindeman alindeman MRI 2.0.0 was released! Make sure we get notified of any issues :shipit:
@alindeman alindeman Rails 3.0.x is not supported on MRI 2.0.0
@vfrride vfrride Uses secure RubyGems URL
@alindeman alindeman Avoids 1.9-only hash syntax
@sevos sevos Use #double instead of #mock
@alindeman alindeman Engines do not seem fully supported on Rails 3.0
Mark Dimas Resets ActionController::Base.allow_forgery_protection to its origina…
…l value

* Closes #699
@alindeman alindeman Installs the latest version of bundler (but not prerelease)
* This should fix the build for Rails 4
@chrisyour chrisyour Update routing_matchers.rb
Adding patch to the route helpers for Rails 4 support.
@aripollak aripollak Remove note about requiring 'capybara/rspec'
Should not be necessary since it already gets loaded in lib/rspec/rails/vendor/capybara.rb
@alindeman alindeman Bumps ZenTest to get Rubygems 2.0 support
@alindeman alindeman Capybara 2.0.0 has been released
@alindeman alindeman Changelog for #709 [ci skip]
@crazymykl crazymykl use Gem::Requirement to check Rails versions
@alindeman alindeman Convert a few more Rails.version instances
@kjg kjg Don't generate views if there is no template engine
@alindeman alindeman Use singleton methods instead of stubs on examples
* A change in rspec-mocks makes stub! no longer function correctly on
  example groups. I'm discussing the change with Myron, but I want our
  suite to be green for now.
@csaura csaura Update how Rails.version is checked
@alindeman alindeman Extracts version checking and adds specs
[Closes #727]
@alindeman alindeman Prepare for v2.13.1
* 2.13.1 will primarily focus on fixes required for Rails 4 support
@alindeman alindeman Corrects private method call on MRI < 2.0.0 93482c0
@alindeman alindeman Clean up the memoization before and after specs run 10f4ea2
@alindeman alindeman Migrate the test database as recommended by the check_migration! erro…
…r message
@alindeman alindeman Bump to the latest versions of Rails f6eefb2
@samphippen samphippen Use backtrace_exclusion_patterns instead of backtrace_clean_patterns
Backtrace_clean_patterns is now deprecated, this uses the new
backtrace_exclusion_patterns method instead.

Closes #730

Signed-off-by: Sam Phippen <>
Commits on Apr 07, 2013
@alindeman alindeman Revert "Use backtrace_exclusion_patterns instead of backtrace_clean_p…

This reverts commit 46f47b4.

* I wrongly thought this setting was already in 2.13. It looks like it's
  an enhancement that will be in 2.14.
@alindeman alindeman Routing matchers are supported in controller specs in Rails 4
* Fixes #679
@alindeman alindeman Changelog for #679
[ci skip]
@alindeman alindeman Fixes the build on 1.8.7 where method names are returned as strings bf77a17
@thomas-holmes thomas-holmes Make sample model for admin/accounts singular rather than plural. 8dd19eb
Commits on Apr 13, 2013
@tamird tamird enable rcov task on ruby 1.8 only
@taiki45 taiki45 fix spacing in install generator template
@hbakhtiyor hbakhtiyor Change some scaffold controller template methods to let context
@alindeman alindeman Adjust wording of comment
[Closes #718]
@gautamkpai gautamkpai Update README to use expect syntax
@alindeman alindeman Change a few more places to use `expect`
[ci skip]
@samphippen samphippen Add a changelog entry for #728.
[ci skip]

Signed-off-by: Sam Phippen <>
@alindeman alindeman Adds feature to attempt to demonstrate #725
* I can't reproduce it, so we'll close #725 for now
@awilfox awilfox Fix README - HTTP status code is string [ci skip]
response.code is a string, so .eq(200) fails with:
     Failure/Error: expect(response.code).to eq(200)
       expected: 200
            got: "200"
@alindeman alindeman Prefer response.status over response.code (which returns a string)
@awilfox awilfox Add a bit of info about Capybara::DSL to README
I personally found it a bit confusing to figure out how to use the
Capybara DSL until I read the Capybara docs at the bottom of the
README.  It wasn't immediately obvious that this doc even /existed/
when I first read the README as I wasn't interested in customising
rake tasks.  So I have made another link to the doc in the request
spec section and explained that by default the DSL is only available
in spec/features.
@alindeman alindeman Spacing fix will be in 2.13
[ci skip]
@alindeman alindeman Capybara 2.1 cannot be used with Ruby < 1.9.3 9e82066
@alindeman alindeman A widget needs an ID for widget_path to work correctly
* I'm not sure how I missed this earlier. It's the source of the build
  being red.
Commits on Apr 16, 2013
@alindeman alindeman Fixtures are supported in Rails 4
@alindeman alindeman MiniTestLifecycleAdapter runs hooks in the correct order
* Also adds tests which helped me find ordering issues
@alindeman alindeman Tests run correctly on Rails 4 again
* We cannot use the bundle-generated binstub anymore
@alindeman alindeman Exposes a method (similar to routing specs) to set the routes in cont…
…roller specs
@alindeman alindeman Documentation updates
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Commits on Apr 17, 2013
@alindeman alindeman Documents how to use the new `routes` DSL with controller specs
@alindeman alindeman Do not raise an error if `bin/rails` was already removed
@alindeman alindeman Reliably skip cucumber features only on Rails 3.0 80a1a55
Commits on Apr 27, 2013
@alindeman alindeman Bumps to 2.13.1 b05bb57
Commits on May 12, 2013
@alindeman alindeman Rely on ::Rails::VERSION::STRING instead of an overly complex module
* I did not know about ::Rails::VERSION::STRING until recently. It seems
  to be defined all the way back to 3.0.0, which is all we need.
@alindeman alindeman Adds 4.0.0.rc1 to the Travis build matrix 30bbf72
Commits on May 14, 2013
@JonRowe JonRowe demonstrate issue with let
@alindeman alindeman `subject` is defined as a method rather than with the `subject` decla…
…rative method

There is currently some odd interactions between rspec-rails and
rspec-core when it comes to `let` definitions.

If we call `subject` in an `included` hook, the dynamically generated
`LetDefinitions` module gets inserted into the ancestor chain earlier
than normal. This placement no longer allows `let` definitions to
override methods defined on other modules that are brought in via

We may raise a warning in future (see discussion in #738)

[Fixes #738]

@alindeman alindeman 4.0.0.rc1 is currently failing due to a bug in ActiveSupport itself
* Has since been fixed in rails/rails#10584
Commits on May 18, 2013
@alindeman alindeman Request specs do not live in spec/features
[Fixes #745]
@alindeman alindeman Adds missing changelog entry for #742
@alindeman alindeman Prepares for 2.13.2 e224d2d
@alindeman alindeman Bumps to 2.13.2
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Commits on May 19, 2013
@alindeman alindeman Adds 4-0-stable branch to Travis 7baf241
@alindeman alindeman Supports any Rails stable branch 60f02a4
@alindeman alindeman Skips sprockets during tests against Rails 4 55bfd60