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Jul 15, 2011
Alan Shields Document what actions are made available in an anonymous controller
It's a somewhat long test, but it shows what calls you can make and
what calls you cannot make on an anonymous controller. I ran into this
issue myself when I thought that all actions were routed.

They weren't.

Written on time paid for by
Oct 20, 2011
Attila Györffy Fix typo in the upgrade instructions. 4a0a855
Attila Györffy Use .to_param instead of .id in controller spec templates.
Action Pack uses to_param for constructing an URL to objects. The default implementation returns this record’s id as a String. This way even if to_param is overridden in an ActiveRecord object, the controller spec templates are going to still work.
Oct 25, 2011
Justin Ko Allow generator specs to work with --default_path 1416314
Justin Ko Set default order to :random b6022dc
Justin Ko Fix order-dependent spec 0b9b153
Justin Ko Don't match on rake loaded files 364fbb0
Oct 29, 2011
David Chelimsky align config extensions with changes to rspec-core planned for 2.8 48d4cd3
Oct 30, 2011
David Chelimsky Merge pull request #458 from pda/master
Remove config.mock_with :rspec, avoid config-after-examples error.
Oct 31, 2011
Paul Annesley Removed unnecessary "config.mock_with :rspec" from spec_helper.rb
This statement configures RSpec to do what it would do anyway, and
triggers errors regarding RSpec.configure being called after examples
have been defined.

See: rspec/rspec-rails#371
See: rspec/rspec-core#455
David Chelimsky dev: ruby-debug19 versions 3ba3a49
David Chelimsky fix bug where namespaced generators were falling down 1b1c181
Nov 06, 2011
David Chelimsky changelog 2fa4bc7
David Chelimsky bump to 2.8.0.rc1 b8b7dd9
Nov 08, 2011
Jared Grippe restored the ability to use method missing matchers like be_blank or …
…be_true in before blocks for routing example groups
David Chelimsky update License and/or authors in gemspec b50073f
David Chelimsky update email addy and homepage in gemspec 08ceb6f
Nov 20, 2011
David Chelimsky rdoc 130c94f
David Chelimsky dev: much simpler management of multiple gemfiles 5687b8d
David Chelimsky ci: the last commit broke our travis config - going for all 3.1.1 for
now but need to revisit.
David Chelimsky ci: check an env variable before .rails-version 342313f
David Chelimsky ci: move file refs 012cee7
David Chelimsky ci: 3.1.3 568030e
David Chelimsky ci: point rails master build at arel on github b80af68
David Chelimsky ci: rails 3.0.11 874f047
David Chelimsky change describes (deprecated) to described_class c0cfb51
Nov 21, 2011
David Chelimsky refactor a couple of matchers to use rspec-expectation's new BaseMatcher f963a5b
David Chelimsky doc: remove comment about Capyabara matchers not being available in v…
…iew specs

- #302
David Chelimsky dev: reference 3.1.3 instead of 3.1.1 af3ff6e
David Chelimsky convert remaining matchers to classes (faster) and document them ffd6c07
David Chelimsky cleaner scoping
- def classes/modules in RSpec::Rails::Matchers instead of
- less opening classes/more includuing modules
Nov 22, 2011
David Chelimsky constrain ammeter dependency to :test group
It was causing some trouble running generators when it was in the
development group as well.
David Chelimsky dev: don't clobber the Gemfile.lock file
That gets handled by running "thor version:use x.x.x" and it is
inconvenient to have to install the bundle every time we're trying to
clean up generated files.
David Chelimsky require 'rspec/rails/matchers' to (temp) resolve circular dep between…
… rspec-rails' specs and ammeter
David Chelimsky more rdoc 620b7f3
David Chelimsky small rdoc tweak e26fb34
David Chelimsky rdoc: correct indentation helps (markdown) 78c7548
David Chelimsky git ignore DS_Store 2fbef9d
Nov 24, 2011
David Chelimsky BaseMatcher now implements match_unless_raises b24cc69
Nov 25, 2011
David Chelimsky dev: hack the Gemfile to print instructions for ruby-debug-base19 and…
… linecache19 on ruby-1.9.3
David Chelimsky ci: don't warn about ruby-debug-base19 and linecache19 in ci 9b72cf9
David Chelimsky dev: move dev-env gems to Gemfile-custom.sample 3b7452b
Dec 01, 2011
Jason M. Kusar Check to see if the module we're actually working with is loaded (in …
…case only pieces of ActiveRecord are loaded).
Jason M. Kusar Check to see if the module we're actually working with is loaded (in …
…case only pieces of ActiveRecord are loaded).
David Chelimsky Merge pull request #467 from jkusar/master
Check to see that the necessary sub-modules are actually loaded before extending
Dec 02, 2011
David Chelimsky add DEV-README 49d7ae7
David Chelimsky add license to gemspec (and consequently the gem) c954554
Dec 03, 2011
David Chelimsky Merge pull request #460 from deadlyicon/patch-1
define @routes on demand instead of in before hook (ensures they are present for before hooks that might run earlier)
David Chelimsky Merge pull request #454 from liquid/master
Use to_param in scaffold spec templates
Dec 04, 2011
David Chelimsky use github-flavored-markdown in the readme 1bec8ff
David Chelimsky include changelog and license in generated rdoc c5c576b
David Chelimsky Revert "restored the ability to use method missing matchers like be_b…
…lank or be_true in before blocks for routing example groups"

This reverts commit c1c2f60.

Unfortunately, there is code outside rspec's control that refers
directly to the instance variable, so this change ends up breaking more
than it fixes.

- Reopens #460.
David Chelimsky rdoc 9bf3e32
Dec 07, 2011
Igor Afonov Stub attribute accessor after respond_to? call on mocked model. Fixes #… 9a23ba1
David Chelimsky Changelog for #437 88137f2
David Chelimsky rdoc for bypass_rescue 4c7fd73
Igor Afonov Take 2 on stubbing attribute accessor after respond_to? call on mocke…
…d model. Fixes #437.
David Chelimsky Implement method_missing on mock model's proxy object rather than
stubbing upon respond_to?

- #437
Thiago James Pinto Restricted controllers tested with more readability 7b377c1
David Chelimsky Changelog for #464 ad5e580
David Chelimsky Consolidate rdoc for example groups to README 80febb5
Dec 08, 2011
David Chelimsky more rdoc cleanup c1f0eab
David Chelimsky rdoc 0e6b185
Dec 19, 2011
David Chelimsky Move instance methods from InstanceMethods modules to stop deprecation
warnings from ActiveSupport-3.2
David Chelimsky ci: add rails-3.2.0.rc1 8b0eb72
David Chelimsky prep for 2.8.0.rc2 13b699f
Dec 20, 2011
David Chelimsky Remove handler and template engine from file names in generated view

- This eliminates deprecation warnings from rails 3.2, and still works
  with earlier 3.x versions.
David Chelimsky changelog for previous commit 1ac8709
Evgeniy Dolzhenko Ensure namespaced helpers are included automatically
-- Closes #446.
David Chelimsky Merge pull request #415 from alanshields/document-anonymous-controlle…

Document what actions are made available in an anonymous controller
David Chelimsky Changelog and remove .intern (send doesn't care) c4df12e
David Chelimsky beef up README section on Request Specs 6a87a0b
Dec 21, 2011
David Chelimsky ci: add rails 3-2-stable and fix support for rails master
- Rails master version is now 4.0.0.beta.
- temp point ammeter at dchelimsky/ammeter to handle rails 4.
David Chelimsky ci: rails 4 requires 1.9.3 320ea0f
Jan 04, 2012
David Chelimsky bump rails version to 3.2.0.rc2 ff79b8e
David Chelimsky bump to 2.8.0 0fd5bf4