Active Support 3.01 wants to require rspec/core/backward_compatibility #248

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When attempting to run my specs on my newly upgraded Rails 3.01 and RSpec HEAD, it fails because active_support wants to require rspec/core/backward_compatibility.

Here's the trace:

When downgrading to RSpec 2.00/RSpec-Rails 2.01, it works as intended.

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I'll look into this, but just an FYI - the rspec all have master and 2-0-stable branches, just like Rails does. Master is not guaranteed to be compatible with current production releases. If you want to follow the latest, follow the 2-0-stable branches in each.

I just made this change over the weekend so it's not publicized yet, but I'll blog about it soon.


Thanks for the info, I did not know this. I'll add the 2-0-stable branches to the Gemfile.

Update: stable branches worked great, thanks!

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Remove 'require "rspec/core/backward_compatibility"'

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