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Can't use mock_model on a model that hasn't been implemented yet in 3.1 #435

cbron opened this Issue Sep 6, 2011 · 5 comments

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cbron commented Sep 6, 2011

When mocking out models that don't exist in Rails 3.1 like this:

belongs_to :recipient, :class_name => "User"


@message = => "title", :text => "foo", :recipient => mock_model("User"))

When I run tests i get this:

      undefined method `primary_key' for User:Class

Of course its fixed by creating the user model.

RSpec member

Is this only when it's an association?

cbron commented Sep 6, 2011

yup, it works fine outside of associations.

RSpec member

Looks like ActiveRecord 3.1 increased the number of non-ActiveModel methods it calls on associations. I'm going to go ahead and patch this, but this suggests to me we should phase mock_model out.

@dchelimsky dchelimsky closed this in cf3f04c Sep 6, 2011
mrnbrkt commented Sep 27, 2011

Pardon me for asking, but if mock_model is becoming obsolete and has to be phased out, what are the recommended alternatives?

RSpec member

It's not a given at this point, so I wouldn't worry about it. If/when it happens there will be plenty of warning and recommendations.

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