Does not work with Rails 3.2.7 #577

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sekrett commented Jul 27, 2012

After upgrading to Rails 3.2.7 when I run rake spec I see:

/Users/sekrett/workspace/abvedanta/spec/support/database_cleaner.rb:1:in `': uninitialized constant DatabaseCleaner (NameError)

So I add two lines to spec_helper.rb to fix that:

require 'database_cleaner'
require 'factory_girl'

almost every test fails with "Factory not registered". When I downgrade to 3.2.6, it works and I don't need to add the require lines. On 3.2.6 it works with and without require lines.


dchelimsky commented Jul 27, 2012

This was broken by a change in Rails which has now been fixed on Rails master and should be released as 3.2.8 sometime soon.


@dchelimsky dchelimsky closed this Jul 27, 2012

I didn't notice the breakage until recently as I prefer rspec spec, nevertheless this is pretty annoying as far as point releases go..

I am getting this in 3.2.13 again, weird.


alindeman commented May 28, 2013

Are you able to reproduce it with a new Rails 3.2.13 application? If so, definitely push it up to GitHub and link me to it. Thanks!

Not a new app, I upgraded from 3.2.11, and this problem was also in 3.2.11 I thought would be fixed in 3.2.13. I don't know why it starts happening, but it seems like it started after I upgraded my ruby to 2.0.0.

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