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Can't use ERBUtil methods in helper specs #597

ngan opened this Issue · 3 comments

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I can't seem to use ERBUtils methods like h or html_escape inside my helper specs.

For exampe....

helper.link_to_custom("<b>hello</b>").should == link_to(html_escape("<b>hello</b>"))

This will raise undefined method for html_escape.


RSpec's helper specs wrap Rails' helper tests. This would make more sense to fix there, so please submit this to the Rails issue tracker.

FYI if you do - Rails' helper specs work a bit differently - instead of exposing a helper object, they include the helper module right in the test so your example would look like this:

assert_equal link_to(html_escape("<b>hello</b>")), link_to_custom("<b>hello</b>")
@dchelimsky dchelimsky closed this

Thanks David!



Hey David, rails doesn't include it into TestCase--as for the reason, I'm not really clear. And I'm not sure if they even consider it a bug.

In any case, now that I think about it, perhaps rspec should fix this "issue.". Rspec takes the extra mile and does the right thing by giving you a helper method that encapsulates the helper scope. To the rspec user, there's no knowledge that the helper inherits from rails TestCase, and they shouldn't. Rspec-rails promises the entire helper context inside helper and it should fix what rails TestCase lacks.

Just my opinion. Thanks!

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