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Support rspec-core's 3.0 deprecation of `example` outside a hook or let #782

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See more commentary here: rspec/rspec-core#666 (comment)

2.14 and 2.99 are OK, but rspec-rails 3.0 (master) needs updating.


A simple change to Capybara has put all tests back into the green but I assume I need to actually add some new tests to rspec-rails and change some behavior but I'm not quite sure what or where it is yet. Maybe I don't quite understand the title?

I think I just put it together while I was away. Do you mean it should also pass the correct value to the block given to describe/context?


I think it probably makes sense to solve the issue with Capybara first, because that's causing a lot of red. Let's loop back on this afterward and see if anything is still failing.

To get that working, I need to get something like RSpec.current_example out the door. See rspec/rspec-core#666 for details.

Sorry about this not being more actionable right now :(


No problem. I can open up an issue against Capybara with the change. It removed all red in my local tests.


The only remaining issue that I know of is jnicklas/capybara#1122. Closing this to focus on that one.

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