Extract `have(n).records` support #808

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Move the Rails-specific functionality to the rspec-collection_matchers gem.

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Alternately, the rails-specific bits could move from rspec-rails into the new rspec-collection_matchers gem, where it would be conditionally loaded if in a rails (or ActiveRecord or ActiveModel or whatever is needed) context.


Cool. That's what I meant (but didn't say particularly eloquently) in the description of the issue. I like that strategy better.

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This needs to happen sooner rather than later since rspec/rspec-expectations#293 got merged in. The build is currently broken.

activesupport-3.2.13/lib/active_support/dependencies.rb:251:in `require': cannot load such file -- rspec/matchers/built_in/have (LoadError)
@soulcutter soulcutter referenced this issue in rspec/rspec-collection_matchers Aug 19, 2013

Extract Rails extension to have matcher #5

@soulcutter soulcutter added a commit that referenced this issue Aug 19, 2013
@soulcutter soulcutter Remove the have extension
This functionality was extracted into

Fixes #808
@JonRowe JonRowe closed this in #810 Sep 9, 2013
@soulcutter soulcutter added a commit to rspec/rspec-collection_matchers that referenced this issue Feb 19, 2014
@soulcutter soulcutter Extract Rails extension to have matcher 6a09c17
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