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built-in scaffold generator already runs the hook for helper #551

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jack dempsey David Chelimsky
jack dempsey

Remove hook_for :helper. Can't get specs running locally so hoping travis can help here.

David Chelimsky dchelimsky merged commit 887f9a4 into from
David Chelimsky dchelimsky referenced this pull request from a commit
David Chelimsky dchelimsky Changlog for #551 [ci skip] cfca79e
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  1. +0 −5 lib/generators/rspec/scaffold/scaffold_generator.rb
5 lib/generators/rspec/scaffold/scaffold_generator.rb
@@ -35,11 +35,6 @@ def generate_view_specs
copy_view :show
- # Invoke the helper using the controller name (pluralized)
- hook_for :helper, :as => :scaffold do |invoked|
- invoke invoked, [ controller_name ]
- end
def generate_routing_spec
return unless options[:routing_specs]
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