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@alindeman alindeman commented on the diff Dec 16, 2012
- end
- after do
- if @application_helper
- ApplicationHelper = @application_helper
- end
- end
- it 'operates normally' do
- lambda {
- RSpec::Core::ExampleGroup.describe 'foos/edit.html.erb' do
- include ViewExampleGroup
- end
- }.should_not raise_error
- end
- end
alindeman added a line comment Dec 16, 2012

Why is this removed?

I see the details in the pull request now. I might move the explanation to the commit message :)

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I'm having trouble figuring out what the correct behavior should be here.

Some facts:

  • Rails, by default, includes all helpers by default
  • If config.action_controller.include_all_helpers were set to false, the helpers that will be available depends on the controller the view is rendered in.

While views are usually rendered in a controller of the same path, it's not necessarily required. Right now, the HelperExampleGroup does not assume there's a controller of the same name, only a helper. The code in this pull changes that.

That said, using helpers in views is coupled to a controller as helpers are included and/or defined by controllers.

Because there's a case where this change would be breaking (a FooHelper, but not a FooController), I'm unfortunately not inclined to merge it as-is.

That said, I think it could be reasonable to add a configuration option (or macro method?) so that view specs use helpers that would be available from a given controller. In the default case, that would be all helpers.

I'm still mulling a few things over:

  • Is it worth an increase in complexity?
  • What would the API look like?

If you have thoughts, let me know. I'll continue mulling it over and loop back on it later.

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So this is a bit stale... @alindeman @atambo ?

bf4 commented Feb 6, 2014

Still stale

RSpec member

Closing as this is stale and does not seem to be an issue any more.

Current RSpec::Rails::ViewExampleGroup includes ActionView::TestCase::Behavior which now includes AbstractController::Helpers.

@cupakromer cupakromer closed this Apr 27, 2014
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