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Small changes in scaffold controller template #718

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Change some scaffold controller template methods to let context


I don't use the scaffolded tests at all, but I think this looks reasonable. @dchelimsky, do you have any thoughts?


The RDoc references "this method" - that should probably change to reflect "the value returned by the method generated by this let declaration" or some such. Otherwise, the change seems sound.

@alindeman alindeman closed this pull request from a commit
@alindeman alindeman Adjust wording of comment
[Closes #718]
@alindeman alindeman closed this in 2b9d599
@alindeman alindeman referenced this pull request from a commit
@alindeman alindeman Adjust wording of comment
[Closes #718]
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Showing with 2 additions and 6 deletions.
  1. +2 −6 lib/generators/rspec/scaffold/templates/controller_spec.rb
8 lib/generators/rspec/scaffold/templates/controller_spec.rb
@@ -24,16 +24,12 @@
# This should return the minimal set of attributes required to create a valid
# <%= class_name %>. As you add validations to <%= class_name %>, be sure to
# update the return value of this method accordingly.
- def valid_attributes
- <%= formatted_hash(example_valid_attributes) %>
- end
+ let(:valid_attributes) { <%= formatted_hash(example_valid_attributes) %> }
# This should return the minimal set of values that should be in the session
# in order to pass any filters (e.g. authentication) defined in
# <%= controller_class_name %>Controller. Be sure to keep this updated too.
- def valid_session
- {}
- end
+ let(:valid_session) { {} }
<% unless options[:singleton] -%>
describe "GET index" do
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