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Make sample model for admin/accounts singular rather than plural. #733

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Is it really this simple?


I see now that various configurations are failing for admin/accounts related reasons.

Looks like it's something related to the master branch of rails.


Huh! Maybe there is something more to do this. Thanks for the pull request: I'll use your code to dig a bit more.


If you look at the master build before my pull request you see failures in
widget stuff in all versions. CI Builds using rails master have additional

You're right. This is my fault. I'll fix it shortly.

@alindeman alindeman closed this pull request from a commit
@alindeman alindeman Merge branch 'plural-accounts-fix'
[Closes #733] [Fixes #731]
@alindeman alindeman closed this in 5ee4fe6

Once I fixed my failures (I blame trying to code while watching the Final Four and it being late), your fix worked great. I rebased and merged it in.

Thanks a lot :rainbow:

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  1. +1 −1  templates/generate_stuff.rb
2  templates/generate_stuff.rb
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
generate('scaffold widget name:string category:string instock:boolean foo_id:integer bar_id:integer --force')
generate('observer widget')
generate('scaffold gadget') # scaffold with no attributes
-generate('scaffold admin/accounts name:string') # scaffold with nested resource
+generate('scaffold admin/account name:string') # scaffold with nested resource
generate('controller things custom_action')
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