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332 content/community/
@@ -8,12 +8,18 @@ filter:
h2. The Core Team
-* "Dave Astels":
-* "Steven Baker":
* "David Chelimsky":
-* "Aslak Hellesøy":
* "Pat Maddox":
+* Justin Ko
+* Myron Marston
+* Chad Humphries
+h2. Alumni
+* "Steven Baker":
+* "Dave Astels":
* "Dan North":
+* "Aslak Hellesøy":
* "Brian Takita":
@@ -33,322 +39,4 @@ h2. The Core Team
h2. Contributors
-%{color:red}Apologies to recent contributors, but the following list is pretty out of date.%
-In alphabetical order (by last name)
-* Daniel De Aguiar
-** Patch [#15446] Removed duplicate word in with_steps_for comment.
-* Chris Anderson
-** Patch to return strings in response to :to_param (in generated controller/view specs)
-** Patch to add --skip-migration option to rspec_scaffold generator
-* Ruy Asan
-** Patch [#10698] Running with --drb executes specs twice (fix included)
-** Initial code for 'switch between source and spec file' command in Spec::Mate (Patch [#10791])
-* Sinclair Bain
-** Patch (sort of) [#15608] Story problem if parenthesis used in Given, When, Then or And
-** Patch [#11101] StringHelpers.starts_with?(prefix) assumes a string parameter for _prefix_
-** Patch for bug [#10577] Rails with Oracle breaks 0.9.2
-* Ken Barker
-** Patch [#10921] Allow verify_rcov to accept greater than threshold coverage %'s via configuration
-** Patch [#10920] Added support for not implemented examples
-* Jonathon Barnes
-** Tighter integration with Test::Unit for ActiveRecord fixtures. Speed up fixtures.
-* François Beausoleil
-** Patch [#10260] Spec::Mocks::Mock#inspect returns way too much data
-* Wilson Bilkovich
-** lambda {...}.should_change(obj, :message)
-** ar_subclass.should_have(n).errors_on(:attribute)
-** mock_model in Spec::Rails
-* Ola Bini
-** Paired with Aslak to iron out minor JRuby issues.
-* Mike Breen
-** Patch [#13098] Error running "script/spec_server" after upgrading from 1.0.5 to 1.0.8
-* Ryan Carmelo Briones
-** Patch [#396] controllers/application.rb <=> spec/controllers/application_controller_spec.rb when using Alternate File
-* Jake Cahoon
-** Patch #417 - Added additional characters to be escaped in step strings
-* Roman Chernyatchik
-** Patch [#325] Spectask works better with multiple versions of ruby
-* Wincent Colaiuta
-** Patch LH[#281] Invert sense of "spec --diff"
-** Patch [#11254] RSpec syntax coloring and function pop-up integration in TextMate
-** Patch [#11252] Should be able to re-load file containing shared behaviours without raising an exception
-** Patch [#12010] Nicer failure message formatting
-** Patch [#14923] Nested shared behaviours get executed twice
-** Patch LH[#393] should_receive no longer alters the method visibility when partially mocking an object
-* Bob Cotton
-** Patch LH[#222] ExampleGroupFactory.default resets previously registered types.
-** Patch LH[#224] Nested ExampleGroups do not have a spec_path
-** Patch LH[#186] reintroduce ExampleGroup.description_options
-** Patch LH[#134] ExampleMatcher should match against before(:all)
-** Patch [#13118] Rinda support for Spec::Distributed
-** Support for context_setup and context_teardown (now before(:all) and after(:all))
-** Patch [#9678] Custom runner command line switch, and multi-threaded runner
-** Patch [#9605] Patch for ER 9472, shared behaviour
-** Patch [#11868] Add ability for pending to optionally hold a failing block and to fail when it passes
-** Patch [#12484] Allow an ExampleGroup's Description to flow through to the Formatter
-* Lachie Cox
-** Initial Rails support
-** Diffing enhancements for Objects and custom formats
-* Ryan Davis
-** Patch LH[#321] Add eval of block passed to raise_error matcher
-** Assorted patches for integration with autotest
-* Jonathan del Strother
-** Patch LH[#486] Avoid 'invalid option -O' in autotest
-* Ian Dees
-** Patch LH[#183] quiet the Story Runner backtrace
-** Patch [#11917] Cleaner Spec::Ui error for failed Selenium connection
-* Rick DeNatale
-** Patch LH[#332] hash_including mock argument matcher
-* Craig Demyanovich
-** Patch LH[#241] Add support for should_not render_template
-** Zach Dennis
-** Patch LH[#324] Consolidate :steps_for and :steps
-** Patch LH[#487] Add mock_model#as_new_record
-* James Deville
-** Patch [#13451] Add a null_object option to mock_model
-** Patch for [#13065] Named routes throw a NoMethodError in Helper specs
-* Steven Duncan
-** Documentation for rake task
-* Eloy Duran
-** Patch [#11921] Adds the correct controller_name from derived_controller_name() to the ViewExampleGroupController
-* Ienaga Eiji
-** Patch [#12156] smooth open mate patch
-* Martin Emde
-** Fix describe Object, "description contains a # in it"
-* Dayo Esho
-** Patch LH[#217] and_yield clobbers return value from block
-* Lindsay Evans
-** Patch for Spec::Rails on Windows
-* Nicholas Evans
-** Patch [#10410] redirect_to does not behave consistently with regards to query string parameter ordering
-* Jens-Christian Fischer
-** Patch [#14388] protect_against_forgery? helper method not being picked up by rspec_on_rails
-* Sean Geoghegan
-** Patch [#380] to add --loadby:random option
-* gmarik
-** Patch LH[#174] to make generated view specs work properly for nested controllers
-* David Goodlad
-** Patch for allowing non-Strings as partial_paths in view/specs
-** Patch for file mappings for rspec/autotest integration
-* James Edward Gray II
-** Patch to improve syntax highlighting in TextMate
-* Corey Haines
-** Patch [#343] include_text matcher for rails
-* Coda Hale
-** Patch [#279] Autotest never calls the :red hook
-* Kyle Hargraves
-** Patch [#367] Yellow pending steps in story's text formatter
-** Patch [#142] verify_rcov fails with latest rcov
-** Patch [#10951] Odd instance variable name in rspec_model template
-** Patch [#11608] Exclude rspec_on_rails from plugin spec runs
-** Patch [#12066] Docfix for mocks/
-** Patch [#12300] rr integration
-* Bryan Helmkamp
-** Patch LH[#162] Tweak format of generated spec.opts to be more obvious
-** Patch LH[#163] Generate a comment about alternate mocking frameworks
-** Patch LH[#16] Have SimpleMatchers expose their description for specdocs
-** Patch [#14399] Show pending reasons in HTML report
-** Patch [#14095] Don't have ./script/generate rspec create previous_failures.txt
-* Chris Hoffman
-** Patch for spec:translate task in Spec::Rails
-* Chad Humphries
-** Patch [#10921] Allow verify_rcov to accept greater than threshold coverage %'s via configuration
-** Patch [#10920] Added support for not implemented examples
-* Jake Howerton
-** Port of Kevin Clark's ARTS to RSpec
-* Eiji Ienaga
-** Patch LH[#404] Fixed error in documentation
-* Gerrit Kaiser
-** Patch LH[#230] mock(:null_object=>true) plays nice with HTML
-* Shintaro Kakutani
-** Patch LH[#235] ActionView::Base.base_view_path isn't clear against Rails 2.0.2
-** Patch [#13814] RSpec on Rails w/ fixture-scenarios
-** Patches for coloured progress<br>
-** Assorted Rails patches
-* Nick Kallen
-** Tighter integration with Test::Unit for ActiveRecord fixtures. Speed up fixtures.
-* Erik Kastner
-** Patch to rename file_list to spec_file_list in spectask.rake (to avoid conflicts w/ other tools)
-* Brandon Keepers
-** Patch [#15465] Edge rails #8115 changed plugin loading, causing conflict between rspec and rails plugin
-** Patch [#13881] Dynamically include Helpers that are included on ActionView::Base
-* Kero
-** Patch to add step_upcoming to story listeners.
-* Rich Kilmer
-** Underscore syntactic sugar
-* Ryan Kinderman
-** Patch [#12935] Remove requirement that mocha must be installed as a gem when used as mocking framework.
-* Josh Knowles
-** Patch LH[#197] Use ActiveSupport's Inflector (when available) to make 'should have' read a bit better.
-** Patch LH[#193] support 'string_or_response.should have_text(...)'
-** Patch [#149] Update contribute page to point towards lighthouse
-** Patch [#147] Allow stories to use Spec::Matchers
-** Patch [#10245] Patch to HTML escape the behavior name when using HTML Formatter
-** Patch [#11221] Autotest support does not work w/o Rails Gem installed
-* Jens Krämer
-** Patch [#12701] Allow checking of content captured with content_for in view specs
-* Michal Kwiatkowski
-** Patch to get RSpec to work w/ Heckle +/- 1.2
-* Jarkko Laine
-** LH[#132] Plain Text stories should support Given and Given:
-* Luis Lavena
-** LH[#244] No coloured output on Windows due missing RUBYOPT
-* Alexander Lang
-** Patch [#198] clean up story steps after each story
-* Matthijs Langenberg
-** Patch [#12682] Not correctly aliasing original 'stub!' and 'should_receive' methods for ApplicationController
-** Patch [#12719] rspec_on_rails should not include pagination helper
-* Evan Light
-** Patch [#13913] Scenario should treat no code block as pending
-* Mikko Lehtonen
-** Patch LH[#178] small annoyances running specs with warnings enabled
-* Will Leinweber
-** Patch [#13339] Add the ability for spec_parser to parse describes with :behaviour_type set (with Dav Yaginuma)
-* Ian Leitch
-** Patch LH[#226] Add lib/ specs to 'rake stats'
-** Patch [#11888] rspec_on_rails spews out warnings when assert_select is used with an XML response
-** Patch [#12817] Cannot include same shared behaviour when required with absolute paths.
-** Patch [#13952] Fix for performance regression introduced in r2096
-** Patch [#13943] ProfileFormatter (Top 10 slowest examples)
-** Patch [#14023] Small optimization for heavily proxied objects.
-* Jay Levitt
-** Patch [#13143] ActionView::Helpers::RecordIdentificationHelper should be included if present
-** Patch [#13016] [DOC] Point out that view specs render, well, a view
-* Tim Lucas
-** Patch [#10631] redirect_to matcher doesn't respect
-* Riley Lynch
-** Patches for the rake task
-* Ben Mabey
-** Patch for story runner exit code.
-* Dan Manges
-** Fixed visibility problem for ActionController::Base#render in Spec::Rails
-* Mike Mangino
-** Patch [#14043] Change output ordering to show pending before errors
-** Patch for [#13370] Weird mock expectation error
-** Patch for [#13065] Named routes throw a NoMethodError in Helper specs
-* Micah Martin
-** Spec::Rails patches for partials
-* James Mead
-** Modified mocha to allow for its use outside of test/unit
-* Adam Meehan
-** Patch LH[#267] Setting mock_model object id with stubs hash
-** Patch LH[#448] fix to_param in mock_model returning auto id when passed stubbed id
-* Mathias Meyer
-** Patch LH[#548] Previously stubbed method doesn't fail on should_not_receive
-* Saimon Moore
-** Patch LH[#14] Adding support for by_at_least/by_at_most in Change matcher.
-* Curtis Miller
-** [#13336] Helper directory incorrect for rake stats in statsetup task
-* Kyosuke MOROHASHI
-** Patch [#11807] Daemonize spec_server and rake tasks to manage them.
-* Rick Olson
-** Patch to get rspec_on_rails working with rails edge (>= 8862)
-* Bret Pettichord
-** Patch [#10473] obj.should exist (new matcher)
-* Tim Pope
-** Patch LH[#413] Disable color codes on STDOUT when STDOUT.tty? is false
-* Matt Patterson
-** Patch [#440] to add failing example of before filters running twice.
-* Matthew Peychich
-** Array =~ matcher works with subclasses of Array
-* Carl Porth
-** Patch [#12174] mishandling of paths with spaces in spec_mate switch_command
-** Patch [#12237] (tiny) added full path to mate in switch_command
-** Patch [#12722] the alternate file command does not work in rails views due to scope
-* Jay Phillips
-** Patch [#11615] Partial mock methods give ambiguous failures when given a method name as a String
-** Patch [#13274] ThrowSymbol recognized a NameError triggered by Kernel#method_missing as a thrown Symbol
-* Yurii Rashkovskii
-** Patch [#13833] ActionView::Helpers::JavaScriptMacrosHelper removed after 1.2.3
-** Patch to improve generated descriptions for the "be" matcher
-** Patch [#12611] should_not redirect_to implementation
-* Luke Redpath
-** TextMate bundle
-** Readable HTML output!
-* Patrick Ritchie
-** Patch LH[#274] support --drb in spec.opts
-* Steve Ross
-** Patch [#9132] Rakefile spec:doc can fail without preparing database
-* Arthur Schreiber
-** Patch LH[#457] PositiveOperatorMatcher and NegativeOperatorMatcher fail when #send is overwritten
-* Nick Sieger
-** Spec::Rails patches for stats
-* Daniel Siemssen
-** Spec::Rails patches for spec_server
-* Nathan Sobo
-** Specmate + drb fix
-* Jon Strother
-** Patch LH[#344] spec_server reloads fixtures
-* Trevor Squires
-** Patch LH[#12] Fix for TM when switching to alternate file
-* Nathan Sutton
-** Patch [#15659] GivenScenario fails when it is a RailsStory
-* Kouhei Sutou
-** Patches for Emacs
-** Handling of Interrupt
-* Antti Tarvainen
-** Patch LH[#333] Fixed bug where rspec loads files repeatedly when running heckle
-** Patch LH[#280] Fixed bug where heckle runs rspec runs heckle runs rspec etc.
-** Patch [#14254] Improved error handling for Object#should and Object#should_not
-** Patch [#14186] Remove dead code from message_expecation.rb
-** Patch [#14183] Tiny improvement on mock_spec.rb
-** Patch [#14208] Fix to Mock#method_missing raising NameErrors instead of MockExpectationErrors
-** Patch [#14255] Fixed examples in mock_spec.rb and shared_behaviour_spec.rb
-** Patch [#14156] False positives with should_not
-** Patch [#14170] route_for and params_from internal specs fixed
-** Patch [#14142] Fix for bug #11602: Nested #have_tag specifications fails on the wrong line number
-** Patch [#10315] to fix pre_commit bug 10313 - pre_commit_rails: doesn't always build correctly
-** Patch [#11500] Documentation: no rails integration specs in 1.0
-* Scott Taylor
-** Patch [#11919] Making non-implemented specs easy in textmate
-** Patch [#13078] Develop rspec with autotest
-** Patch [#12986] Autotest Specs + Refactoring
-** Patch [#11509] Documentation - RSpec requires hpricot
-** Patch [#9509] allow spaced options in spec.opts
-** Patch [#9510] Added html formatter spec file for Ruby 1.8.6
-** Patch [#9511] Clarification to README file in spec/
-** Patch [#9852] Patch for RSpec's Website using Webgen 0.4.2
-** Patch [#9925] Changed ".rhtml" to "template" in REST spec generator
-** Patch [#9926] Rakefile - RSPEC_DEPS constant as an Array of Hashes instead of an Array of Arrays
-** Patch [#10636] Added spec for OptionParser in Runner (Patch from Scott Taylor)
-** Patch LH[#326] Deprecation warnings for specs that assume auto-inclusion of modules
-** Patch LH[#524] Privatize Have#method_missing and enhance its respond_to?
-** Patch LH[#485] Add file and line numbers to pending specs
-* Steve Tendon
-** Patch [#9458] The rspec_scaffold generator does not take into account class nesting
-* Jonathan Tron
-** Patch for Spec::Rails resource_generator
-** Patch for RSpec.tmbundle to make it work with RSpec installed as a plugin
-* Mark Van Holstyn
-** Patch LH[#15] Reverse loading of ActionView::Base helper modules
-** Patch [#134] Only load spec inside spec_helper.rb
-* Mike Vincent
-** Patch LH[#181] Regression on generators due to internal changes in rails edge
-* Rupert Voelcker
-** Patch [#13567] patch to allow stubs to yield consecutive values
-** Patch [#13559] reverse version of route_for
-* Florian Weber
-** RSpec.tmbundle and the spec_server that comes with Spec::Rails are based on Florian's TDDMate
-* Nikolai Weibull
-** Core patches for spec names
-* Jim Weirich
-** Modified flexmock to allow for its use outside of test/unit
-** Supplied plugin patch to support flexmock directly in rspec
-* Ian White
-** Patch LH[#271] Since @template.finder, isolation mode doesn't work
-** Patch for [#11545] Rspec doesn't handle should_receive on ActiveRecord associations
-* Joseph Wilk
-** Patch LH[#300] Showing Story/Scenario Failure Fix for HTML Story formatter
-** Patch LH[#439] Showing Story/Scenario Failure Fix for Plain Text Story formatter
-* Mike Williams
-** Patch LH[#276] to support the lib directory in rails apps with the Textmate Alternate File command.
-** Core patches for arbitrary comparisons like 5.should_be < 6
-* Chad Wooley
-** Patch to mocks to make it possible to specify raised exception instance
-* Dav Yaginuma
-** Patch [#13339] Add the ability for spec_parser to parse describes with :behaviour_type set (with Will Leinweber)
-If you think your name ought to be here, please contact the RSpec team.
+Coming soon ...
10 content/documentation/
@@ -19,8 +19,8 @@ Customer: It should have a balance of $0.
Here's how we express that conversation in RSpec:
-<% coderay do -%>describe Account, "when first created" do
- it "should have a balance of $0" do
+<% coderay do -%>describe Account do
+ it "has a balance of $0 when first created" do
@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ When you run this example, RSpec can provide a report like this:
Account when first created
-- should have a balance of $0
+ has a balance of $0 when first created
h2. before() and after()
@@ -55,11 +55,11 @@ You can use <code>before()</code> and/or <code>after()</code> to define code tha
# :each is the default, so this is the same as before(:each)
- it "should do stuff" do
+ it "does something" do
- it "should do more stuff" do
+ it "does something else" do
8 lib/rspec_extras.rb
@@ -93,14 +93,6 @@ def menu(page)
<%= %>
<% end %>
- <% if page.url == '/community/' %>
- <li>
- <a href="" target="_blank">Get in Touch</a>
- </li>
- <li>
- <a href="" target="_blank">Contribute</a>
- </li>
- <% end %>
<% if page.url == '/documentation/' %>
<a href="" target="_blank">Install</a>
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