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-# Rspec
-This is part of the rspec-2 codebase, which is in alpha release at the moment.
-While you are welcome to track, fork, explore, etc, we're too early in the
-process to start fielding pull requests and or issues from outside the core
-development team, so please don't waste your time until this
-notice changes.
-This repo will be the source for the rspec-2.x gem, which will serve as a
-meta-gem, much like the rails and merb gems. `gem install rspec` will also
-install rspec-core, rspec-expectations and rspec-mocks, each of which can be
-installed separately and actived in isolation with the `gem` command. Among
-other benefits, this will allow you to use rspec-expectations, for example, in
-Test::Unit::TestCase if you happen to like that style.
-Conversely, if you like Rspec's approach to declaring example groups and
+# RSpec-2
+Behaviour Driven Development for Ruby
+# Description
+rspec-2.x is a meta-gem, which depends on the rspec-core, rspec-expectations
+and rspec-mocks gems. Each of these can be installed separately and actived in
+isolation with the `gem` command. Among other benefits, this allows you to use
+rspec-expectations, for example, in Test::Unit::TestCase if you happen to
+prefer that style.
+Conversely, if you like RSpec's approach to declaring example groups and
examples (`describe` and `it`) but prefer Test::Unit assertions and mocha, rr
or flexmock for mocking, you'll be able to do that without having to load the
components of rspec that you're not using.

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