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import pymongo
import card_info
import collections
import game
import incremental_scanner
import name_merger
import utils
import operator
def achievement(player, reason, sort_key=None):
achievement = {'player': player,
'reason': reason}
if sort_key is not None:
achievement['sort_key'] = sort_key
return achievement
def CheckMatchBOM(g):
"""Bought only money and Victory."""
ret = []
cards_per_player = g.cards_accumalated_per_player()
for player, card_list in cards_per_player.iteritems():
treasures = []
bad = False
if g.get_player_deck(player).Resigned():
for card in card_list:
if card_info.is_action(card):
bad = True
if card_info.is_treasure(card):
if not bad:
reason = 'Bought only money and vp : %s' % (', '.join(treasures))
ret.append(achievement(player, reason))
return ret
def CheckMatchBOMMinator(g):
"""Won buying only money and Victory."""
cands = CheckMatchBOM(g)
ret = []
for match_dict in cands:
player = match_dict['player']
if g.get_player_deck(player).WinPoints() > 1.0:
ret.append(achievement(player, match_dict['reason'] + ' and won'))
return ret
# Salted Earth: Had a negative score.
def CheckMatchGolfer(g):
"""Winning with a negative score"""
if g.any_resigned():
return []
ret = []
for player in g.get_player_decks():
if player.WinPoints() > 1.0 and player.Points() < 0:
points = player.Points()
'Won with a negative score, %d points' % points,
return ret
def CheckMatchPileDriver(g):
"""Owned all copies of a card."""
accumed_per_player = g.cards_accumalated_per_player()
ret = []
game_size = len(g.get_player_decks())
for player, card_dict in accumed_per_player.iteritems():
if g.get_player_deck(player).WinPoints() > 1.0:
for card, quant in card_dict.iteritems():
if quant == card_info.num_copies_per_game(card, game_size):
achievement(player, 'Bought all %d copies of %s' % (
quant, card), (card, quant)))
return ret
def CheckMatchOneTrickPony(g):
"""Bought only one type of action"""
accumed_per_player = g.cards_accumalated_per_player()
ret = []
for player, card_dict in accumed_per_player.iteritems():
if g.get_player_deck(player).WinPoints() > 1.0:
actions_quants = [(c, q) for c, q in card_dict.iteritems() if
if len(actions_quants) != 1:
if actions_quants[0][1] < 7:
action, quant = actions_quants[0]
'Bought no action other than %d %s' % (
quant, card_info.pluralize(action, quant)),
return ret
def CheckMatchMrGreenGenes(g):
"""Bought 6 differently named Victory cards"""
accumed_per_player = g.cards_accumalated_per_player()
ret = []
for player, card_dict in accumed_per_player.iteritems():
victory_quants = [(c, q) for c, q in card_dict.iteritems() if
if len(victory_quants) >= 6:
'Bought %d differently named Victory cards' %
len(victory_quants), len(victory_quants)))
return ret
def CheckScore(g, low, high=None):
ret = []
for player in g.get_player_decks():
score = player.points
if score >= low and (high is None or score < high):
"Scored more than %d points" % low, score))
return ret
def CheckMatchPeer(g):
"""Scored more than 60 points"""
return CheckScore(g, 60, 70)
def CheckMatchRegent(g):
"""Scored more than 70 points"""
return CheckScore(g, 70, 80)
def CheckMatchRoyalHeir(g):
"""Scored more than 80 points"""
return CheckScore(g, 80, 90)
def CheckMatchMonarch(g):
"""Scored more than 90 points"""
return CheckScore(g, 90, 100)
def CheckMatchImperial(g):
"""Scored more than 100 points"""
return CheckScore(g, 100, 110)
def CheckMatchArchon(g):
"""Scored more than 110 points"""
return CheckScore(g, 110)
def GroupFuncs(funcs, group_name):
"""Attach group and priority to functions in funcs so they are sortable."""
for idx, func in enumerate(funcs): = group_name
func.priority = idx
GroupFuncs([CheckMatchPeer, CheckMatchRegent, CheckMatchRoyalHeir,
CheckMatchMonarch, CheckMatchImperial, CheckMatchArchon], 'vp')
# == How the game ends
def CheckMatchBuzzerBeater(g):
"""Won by exactly one point"""
scores = {}
for player in g.get_player_decks():
score = player.points
scores[] = score
s_scores = sorted(scores.iteritems(),
key=operator.itemgetter(1), reverse=True)
if len(s_scores)>1 and s_scores[0][1] == s_scores[1][1] + 1:
return [achievement(s_scores[0][0], "Won by exactly one point")]
return []
def CheckMatchAnticlimactic(g):
"""Shared a victory with two or more opponents"""
num_players = len(g.get_player_decks())
if num_players == 3:
max_score = 1.0
elif num_players == 4:
max_score = 4.0/3
return []
ret = []
for player in g.get_player_decks():
wp = player.WinPoints()
if wp > max_score:
return ret
elif wp!=0.0:
'Shared a victory with two or more opponents'))
return ret
#("The Biggest Loser") Losing with over 60 points.
# Surprise Attack - end the game on supply piles when those three piles had totaled at least 5 cards at the start of your turn.
# Badges? We Don't Need No Stinking Badges: Win a game while holding no VP Tokens and your opponent holds 25 or more.
#("Penny Pincher") Winning by buying out the Coppers
#("Estate Sale") Winning by buying out the Estates
# == Value of victory points
def CheckMatchCarny(g):
"""Obtained at least 30 VP from Fairgrounds"""
# Original suggestion: Blue ribbon - ended game with a Fairgrounds worth
# 8 VP
ret = []
for pdeck in g.get_player_decks():
(player, deck) = (pdeck.player_name, pdeck.deck)
if 'Fairgrounds' not in deck:
fg_pts = game.score_fairgrounds(deck)
if fg_pts >= 30:
'%d VP from Fairgrounds' % fg_pts, fg_pts))
return ret
def CheckMatchGardener(g):
"""Obtained at least 20 VP from Gardens"""
# Original suggestion: ended game with a Gardens worth 6 VP
ret = []
for pdeck in g.get_player_decks():
(player, deck) = (pdeck.player_name, pdeck.deck)
if 'Gardens' not in deck:
g_pts = game.score_gardens(deck)
if g_pts >= 20:
'%d VP from Gardens' % g_pts, g_pts))
return ret
def CheckMatchDukeOfEarl(g):
"""Obtained at least 42 points from Dukes and Duchies"""
# originally suggested as Duchebag
ret = []
for pdeck in g.get_player_decks():
(player, deck) = (pdeck.player_name, pdeck.deck)
if 'Duke' not in deck:
duke_pts = game.score_duke(deck)
duchy_pts = deck.get('Duchy', 0) * 3
d_pts = duke_pts + duchy_pts
if d_pts >= 42:
ret.append(achievement(player, '%d VP from Dukes and Duchies' %
d_pts, d_pts))
return ret
# == Use of one card in a turn
#("Puppet Master") Play more than 4 Possession in one turn.
# Crucio: Use the Torturer three times in a single turn.
# Imperio: Use Possession three times in a single turn.
# == Every Turn
# Protego: Reacted to all attacks against you (and at least 5).
#("Bully") Play an attack every turn after the fourth.
# Empty Throne Room
# Empty Kings Court
# == Number of Cards acquired
# King of the Joust - acquire all five prizes
# Researcher: Acquire 7 Alchemists or Laboratories.
# Evil Overlord: Acquire 7 or more Minions.
# It's Good to be the King: Acquire 4 Throne Rooms or King's Courts.
# 99 Problems: Acquire the majority of Harems.
# Game of Settlers Anyone?: Acquire 7 of a single Village-type card.
# won without ever buying money
#("Dominator") Have at least one of each type of available victory card (and at least 1 chip, if available).
# buying at least one of every kingdom card in a game
# == Specific Uses
# Used Possession+Masquerade to send yourself a Province or Colony
# gifted a Province or Colony to an opponent (through Masquerade or Ambassador),
# De-model - remodeled a card into a card that costs less
# Banker - played a Bank worth $10
# Look Out! - revealed three 6+-cost cards with Lookout
# Goon Squad - acquired 42 VP tokens from Goons in a single turn
# played 20 actions in a turn
#("This card sucks?") Winning with an Opening Chancellor
def CheckPointsPerTurn(g, low, high=None):
ret = []
scores = []
players = g.all_player_names()
for state in g.game_state_iterator():
score = []
for p in players:
for (i,p) in enumerate(players):
for turn_no in range(i, len(scores)-1):
gain = scores[turn_no+1][i] - scores[turn_no][i]
if gain >= low and (high is None or gain < high):
"Scored %d or more points in one turn" % low, gain))
return ret
def CheckMatchSlam(g):
"""Obtained 20 or more points in one turn"""
return CheckPointsPerTurn(g, 20, 30)
def CheckMatchCrash(g):
"""Obtained 30 or more points in one turn"""
return CheckPointsPerTurn(g, 30, 40)
def CheckMatchCharge(g):
"""Obtained 40 or more points in one turn"""
return CheckPointsPerTurn(g, 40, 50)
def CheckMatchKO(g):
"""Obtained 50 or more points in one turn"""
return CheckPointsPerTurn(g, 50, 60)
def CheckMatchBlitz(g):
"""Obtained 60 or more points in one turn"""
return CheckPointsPerTurn(g, 60, 70)
def CheckMatchOnslaught(g):
"""Obtained 70 or more points in one turn"""
return CheckPointsPerTurn(g, 70)
GroupFuncs([CheckMatchSlam, CheckMatchCrash, CheckMatchCharge, CheckMatchKO,
CheckMatchBlitz, CheckMatchOnslaught], 'vp_turn')
def CheckMatchMegaTurn(g):
"""Bought all the Provinces or Colonies in a single turn."""
ret = []
scores = []
if 'Colony' in g.get_supply():
biggest_victory = 'Colony'
biggest_victory = 'Province'
victory_copies = card_info.num_copies_per_game(biggest_victory,
for turn in g.get_turns():
new_cards = turn.buys + turn.gains
if len(new_cards) < victory_copies:
if new_cards.count(biggest_victory) == victory_copies:
"Obtained all of the %s cards in one turn" %
biggest_victory, biggest_victory))
return ret
def CheckMatchOscarTheGrouch(g):
"""Trash more than 7 cards in one turn"""
ret = []
for turn in g.get_turns():
trashes = len(turn.turn_dict.get('trashes',[]))
if trashes >= 7:
"Trashed %d cards in one turn" % trashes,
return ret
goal_check_funcs = {}
for name in dict(globals()):
if name.startswith('CheckMatch'):
goal = name[len('CheckMatch'):]
goal_func = globals()[name]
goal_check_funcs[goal] = goal_func
if not hasattr(goal_func, 'group'): = 'ungrouped'
goal_func.priority = 0
def GetGoalImageFilename(goal_name):
return 'static/images/%s.png' % goal_name
def MaybeRenderGoals(db, norm_target_player):
game_matches = list(db.goals.find({'goals.player': norm_target_player}))
ret = ''
if game_matches:
ret += """<script language="javascript">
function toggle(item) {
var list = document.getElementById(item + "_list");
var img = document.getElementById(item + "_img");
var title = document.getElementById(item + "_title");
var caption = document.getElementById(item + "_caption");
if( == "block") { = "none"; = "block"; = "inline"; = "none";
else { = "block"; = "inline"; = "none"; = "inline";
ret += '<h2>Goals achieved</h2>\n'
goals_by_name = collections.defaultdict(list)
goals_achieved = []
for game_match in game_matches:
game_id = game_match['_id']
for goal in game_match['goals']:
if goal['player'] != norm_target_player:
goal_name = goal['goal_name']
goal['_id'] = game_id
if goal_name not in goals_achieved:
def GroupPriorityAndName(goal):
func = goal_check_funcs[goal]
return, func.priority, func.__name__
goals_achieved.sort(key = GroupPriorityAndName)
ret += '<div style="width: 1000px">'
for goal_name in goals_achieved:
img = GetGoalImageFilename(goal_name)
found_goals = goals_by_name[goal_name]
freq = len(found_goals)
ret += '<div onclick="javascript:toggle(\'%s\');" style="cursor:pointer; display: inline-block" class="cardborder2 blue" id="%s">' % (goal_name, goal_name)
ret += '<span style="display: inline-block; text-align: center">'
ret += '<img src="%s" title="%s x%d" style="vertical-align: middle; display:block" id="%s_img">' % (img, goal_name, freq, goal_name)
ret += '<span style="font-size: 14; font-weight: 700; display: block;" id="%s_caption">%s</span>' % (goal_name, goal_name)
ret += '</span>'
ret += '<span class="goal_name" id="%s_title" style="display: none">&nbsp; %s &nbsp; x%d</span>' % (goal_name, goal_name, freq)
ret += '<div id="%s_list" class="goal_list"><br>' % goal_name
def KeyAndDate(goal):
return goal.get('sort_key'), goal['_id']
found_goals.sort(key = KeyAndDate)
for match in found_goals:
game_id = match['_id']
reason = match.get('reason', '')
link = game.Game.get_councilroom_link_from_id(game_id, ' class="goal"')
date = game.Game.get_datetime_from_id(game_id).strftime("%d %b %Y")
ret += '<table class="goal_box">'
ret += '<td>%s<img src="%s" title="%s" width="50px"></a>' % (link, img, goal_name)
ret += '<td width="100px">%s' % link
ret += '<span class="goal_description">%s</span><br>' % reason
ret += '<span class="goal_date">%s</span></a>' % date
ret += '</table>'
ret += '</div></div>'
ret += '</div>'
ret += '<div style="clear: both;">&nbsp;</div>'
return ret
def print_totals(checker_output, total):
for goal_name, count in sorted(checker_output.iteritems(),
key=lambda t: t[1], reverse=True):
print "%-15s %8d %5.2f" % (goal_name, count,
count / float(total))
def check_goals(game_val, goal_names=None):
if goal_names is None:
goal_names = goal_check_funcs.keys()
goals = []
for goal_name in goal_names:
goal_checker = goal_check_funcs[goal_name]
output = goal_checker(game_val)
for goal in output:
goal['goal_name'] = goal_name
return goals
def main():
c = pymongo.Connection()
games_collection =
output_collection = c.test.goals
stats_collection = c.test.goal_stats
total_checked = 0
checker_output = collections.defaultdict(int)
parser = utils.incremental_max_parser()
'--goals', metavar='goal_name', nargs='+',
help=('If set, check only the goals specified for all of ' +
'the games that have already been scanned'))
args = parser.parse_args()
if args.goals:
valid_goals = True
for goal_name in args.goals:
if goal_name not in goal_check_funcs:
valid_goals = False
print "Unrecognized goal name '%s'" % goal_name
if not valid_goals:
goals_to_check = args.goals
for goal_name in args.goals: {'_id': goal_name, 'total': 0} )
scanner = incremental_scanner.IncrementalScanner('subgoals', c.test)
main_scanner = incremental_scanner.IncrementalScanner('goals', c.test)
last = main_scanner.get_max_game_id()
goals_to_check = None
scanner = incremental_scanner.IncrementalScanner('goals', c.test)
last = None
if not args.incremental:
print 'starting with id', scanner.get_max_game_id(), 'and num games', \
for g in utils.progress_meter(scanner.scan(games_collection, {})):
total_checked += 1
game_val = game.Game(g)
# Get existing goal set (if exists)
game_id = game_val.get_id()
mongo_val = output_collection.find_one({'_id': game_id})
if mongo_val is None:
mongo_val = collections.defaultdict( dict )
mongo_val['_id'] = game_id
mongo_val['goals'] = []
# If rechecking, delete old values
if goals_to_check is not None:
goals = mongo_val['goals']
for ind in range(len(goals) - 1, -1, -1):
goal = goals[ind]
if goal['goal_name'] in goals_to_check:
del goals[ind]
# Get new values
goals = check_goals(game_val, goals_to_check)
# Write new values
for goal in goals:
name = name_merger.norm_name(goal['player'])
goal_name = goal['goal_name']
checker_output[goal_name] += 1
mongo_val = dict(mongo_val)
if last and game_id == last:
if args.max_games >= 0 and total_checked >= args.max_games:
print 'ending with id', scanner.get_max_game_id(), 'and num games', \
print_totals(checker_output, total_checked)
for goal_name, count in checker_output.items():
stats = stats_collection.find_one( {'_id': goal_name} )
if stats is None:
stats = {'_id': goal_name, 'total': 0}
stats['total'] += count stats )
if __name__ == '__main__':
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