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""" Scan over a collection and remember which documents were seen.
This is useful for implementing daily updates, so that we only scan where we
left off."""
class IncrementalScanner(object):
def __init__(self, scan_name, db):
self.num_games = 0
self.max_game_id = ''
self.scan_name = scan_name
self.db = db
stored_info = db.scanner.find_one({'_id': scan_name})
if stored_info:
self.num_games = stored_info['num_games']
self.max_game_id = stored_info['max_game_id']
def get_max_game_id(self):
return self.max_game_id
def get_num_games(self):
return self.num_games
def status_msg(self):
return 'Max game id %s, num games %s' % (self.max_game_id,
def reset(self):
self.num_games = 0
self.max_game_id = ''
def scan(self, collection, query):
assert not '_id' in query
query['_id'] = {'$gt': self.max_game_id}
for item in collection.find(query):
self.max_game_id = max(item['_id'], self.max_game_id)
self.num_games += 1
yield item
def save(self):{'_id': self.scan_name,
'num_games': self.num_games,
'max_game_id': self.max_game_id})