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<title>Council Room</title>
<link href='static/css/mystyles.css' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>
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rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>
<p class="intro">
This site contains a front end to the Dominion game logs
hosted on the wonderful
<a class="introlink" href="">
Isotropic Dominion server</a>.
The code backing this website is open source and available at the
<a class="introlink" href="">
Dominion Stats github page</a>.
<p class="small">
Written by <a href="player?player=rrenaud">rrenaud</a>
<a href="">(</a>
<a href="">
(BGG profile)</a> and <a href="player?player=Larry">Larry</a>, and
<a href="player?player=rspeer">rspeer</a>
<a href="">(</a>, and
<a href="player?player=hawaiian+shirts">hawaiian shirts</a> <a href="">(David Lu!!)</a>.
Graphic design by NemoRathwald/Matt Arnold (mat<span class="z">_REMOVE_</span><span class="z">_THIS_</span>tta<span class="z">_FOR_</span>rn@<span class="z">_SPAM_</span>gma<span class="z">_PROTECTION,_</span>il.c<span class="z">_HUMANS!_</span>om) <a href="">(BGG profile)</a>.
<div class="cardborder yellow">
card winningness graphs
<li><a href="/win_rate_diff_accum.html?cards=Cost%3D%3D5%26%26Actions%3D%3D1">
difference in #</a>
<li><a href="/win_weighted_accum_turn.html?cards=Silver,Cost%3D%3D3%20%26%26%20Actions%3E%3D1%20%26%26%20Cards%3E%3D1">
<div class="cardborder yellow">
<a href="/player?player=rrenaud">player pages</a>
<div style="float;right">
Name: <font size="-1">case sensitive</font>
<form action='player' method='get'>
<input type="text" name="player" size=15">
<input type="submit" value="View Stats!">
<div class="cardborder yellow">
<a href="/search_query">game search page</a>
<div class="cardborder yellow">
<a href="/popular_buys">popular buys</a>
<div class="cardborder yellow">
<a href="/openings">best and worst openings</a>
<div style="clear: both;">&nbsp;</div>
<h2 class="treasure">Forum</h2>
The forum for this site and for <A HREF="">Dominion Strategy</A> can be found <A HREF="">here</A>.</p>
<h2 class="treasure">Suggestions</h2>
I'd love to see users rating existing ideas and making new suggestions
on the <a href=""> uservoice page</a>.
<h2 class="treasure">Contributions</h2>
I'd also be very happy to have outside contributions to the project.
Some of the highest rated ideas can be implemented without having
to learn all that much of the code.
<li> <a href="">Vanity Accomplishments</a>
<li>Graphic design skills to create the badges.
<li>Some creative and fun ideas as to what is badge worthy.
<li>A little bit of <a href="">programming ability</a> to detect the novel
<li><a href="">
Add Visualizations for individual games</a>: You just need to come
up with good ideas as to what is worth seeing and how to display
<h2 class="treasure">IRC</h2>
Want to chat about Is something broken? Join
<a href="">
#councilroom</a> on
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