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""" A mixin to allow merging two objects in an additive fashion.
Given an arbitraryly nested object whose leaf objects consist of numbers,
provide a merge() operation that sums the numbers when the access paths to the
leaves are the same and otherwise does a union.
From another angle, support a kind of 'vector addition' for messy, complicated
objects """
# I't s quite possible that this is too abstract/clever.
class MergeableObjectImpl(object):
def merge(self, other):
access_func = self._access_func
self_dict = access_func(self)
for k, v in access_func(other).iteritems():
if k not in self_dict:
self_dict[k] = v
if hasattr(self_dict[k], 'merge'):
assert hasattr(v, 'merge')
assert type(v) == type(self_dict[k])
assert type(v) in [int, float], ('%s %s %s' % (
v, k, type(v)))
self_dict[k] += v
class MergeableObject(MergeableObjectImpl):
def _access_func(self, other):
return other.__dict__
class MergeableDict(MergeableObjectImpl):
def _access_func(self, other):
return other
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