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Digital Dead Drop

You are free to use this however you want. I wrote this a few years ago after reading the Ender's series of books by Orson Scott Card. I was inspired to create a method of transmitting text in a one-way fashion for later retrieval.

With the springing up of concern over the NSA, I thought this was relevant, although not that practical.

My usage of this was as follows.

I ran the site on a Raspberry Pi connected to my home private network. Remote machines which wanted to talk to the dead drop must be connected to my OpenVPN in order to speak to the subnet. This eliminated some of the issues I saw from injection attacks and whatnot (since you are effectively allowing a user to dump text directly to your python session).

It goes without saying that this code is considered UNSAFE to run. It requires generating your own keys and to trust the keys made. It also requires allowing the users of the site to insert RAW and UNCHECKED text into your site.

I made this for fun, and a way to dump my thoughts and musings to a text file when I rode the bus. And feel like Bean and the other battle school bratts in their dealings durring the league war!

I hope this inspires you to make something that works better and is much cooler.


Tyler Spilker


Digital Dead Drop






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