slimit removes parentheses from ternary expression, causes syntax error in jQuery #42

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There is a bug in the Slimit JSParser / serializer, which we hit when trying to convert some files including jQuery. It removes some parentheses it shouldn't remove, causing a syntax error in jquery.js.

e.isPlainObject(d) ? (a = [c.createElement(j[1])],, d, !0))


e.isPlainObject(d) ? a = [c.createElement(j[1])],, d, !0)

which breaks the ternary expression.

Probably another variant of #21 ?

The full line of code is:

d=d instanceof e?d[0]:d,k=d?d.ownerDocument||d:c,j=m.exec(a),j?e.isPlainObject(d)?(a=[c.createElement(j[1])],,d,!0)):a=[k.createElement(j[1])]:(j=e.buildFragment([g[1]],[k]),a=(j.cacheable?e.clone(j.fragment):j.fragment).childNodes);

@rspivak rspivak was assigned Jan 24, 2013

Thanks a lot for the bug report. I should be able to look into it in the next couple days.


What version of Slimit do you use?


Seems to be slimit 0.7.4


Another snippet of code broken by the same bug:


Turns into

null != this._locales && this._defaultLocale = b.default_locale || "en", this._currentLocale = null != a && "" != a ? a.slice(0, 2).toLowerCase() : this._defaultLocale, this._messages = {
    }, a = this._getLocaleMessages(this._currentLocale), null != a && (this._messages[this._currentLocale] = a), this._currentLocale != this._defaultLocale && (this._messages[this._defaultLocale] = this._getLocaleMessages(this._defaultLocale));

Maybe the simplest test case is

(function(){ /* code */ }());

which (according to a colleague) becomes

function(){ /* code */ }();

Maybe the simplest test case is
(function(){ /* code */ }());

Yet (function(){ /* code */ })(); is handled just fine.

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