Command line utility for monitoring the users' command-line activity.
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R2 Console

Command line utilities for monitoring the user research activity.

  1. - utility for creating a project, syncing the project activity, adding the access tokens, validating the access tokens and checking the server connectivity for syncing the data.

  2. - the tool that monitors and keep track of the user activity in a project. Note: This tool cannot monitor or track your activity outside the project folder. is the utility you need, if you want to publish you research activities to **r2 will not sync your files to online by default **, it only syncs your activity.

All your research activity that you sync to will be private by default. If you want to publish your research activity to every one, you may go to and make it as public and then all activity files will be seen by everyone.

First of all, register at and get user access token from [] (

  1. r2 init - creating a project

  2. r2 sync - syncing the project to hub - Note: The user only syncs the data of the project/working directory from which you are calling this command.

  3. r2 addtoken - add R2 access token, you need to do this to sync to Hub You have to get the access token by registering at and then creating a user access token.

  4. r2 ping - checks the Hub Connectivity for syncing, also verifies the access tokens

  5. r2 help - get list of commands available

echo $1 echo $2