Web based Biomolecular viewer library that allows developers to create quick viewer widgets
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Molecular Viewer

Web based molecular viewer for viewing bio molecules in 3D. This is a library that makes setting up molecular viewers on the webpages much simpler.

Full Screen viewer

Full Viewer

Look into the example for the code at examples/full-viewer.html. You should have your own jsmol libraries served in your local webserver or you can use the default one from invaana api libraries

The code contains 2 main things:

  1. rmv-jsmol14.js - library of helper functions based on the Jsmol scripting apis.
  2. rmv-viewer-init-latest.js - this will initialise an applet on the viewer. The viewer will switch between JAVA and nonJAVA versions based on the ability of the web browser.
  3. Jsmol - defaults to the apis.invaana.com

How to use

Refer the example full-viewer.html for the JS, CSS files that are needed to be included.

You might need to change the variable apis_link in rmv/js/rmv-viewer-init-latest.js to the JSmol service you want to. It defaults to the Invaana APIs server to server the JSmol.