Very Simple Asynchronous Tasks in Python
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Very Simple Asynchronous Tasks

A small library that allows asynchronous tasks to be executed. Useful for web applications when you need a task to run in the background. The API is modelled loosely on Celery. The library makes use of the Python multiprocessing library to run tasks in the background.


Install the library

pip install vsat

Create and run task.

In [1]: from vsat.task import task

In [2]: from vsat.worker import WorkerPool

In [3]: worker_pool = WorkerPool.init(num_workers=1)

In [4]: @task
   ...: def my_function(arg1):
   ...:     return arg1 * arg1

In [5]: worker_pool.start()

In [6]: result = my_function.apply_async(2)

In [7]: print result.get_result(block=True)