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# RSSOwl runtime configuration file
# This file contains a number of key/value pairs that are merged into the
# System properties on system startup. The values control the way the
# runtime is structured and runs.
# Section Name allowing to read/write values using NSIS (see Bug 383)
# The comma-separated list of locations to search for the splash screen file (splash.bmp).
# For each list element a subdirectory structure based on the pattern nl/<locale> is searched.
# The system binds to the first matching file. There is no default value.
# The comma-separated list of bundles which are automatically installed and optionally started
# once the system is up and running. Each entry if of the form
# <URL | simple bundle location>[@ [<startlevel>] [":start"]]
# If the startlevel is omitted then the framework will use the default start level for the bundle.
# If the "start" tag is added then the bundle will be marked as started after being installed.
# Simple bundle locations are interepreted as relative to the framework's parent directory.
# The startlevel indicates the OSGi start level at which the bundle should run.
# If this value is not set, the system computes an appropriate default.
# The product to run. A given Eclipse configuration may contain many products.
# The product identified will supply the branding (window icons, title bar text) etc
# as well as define the default application to run.
# The default workspace location
# The default configuration location
# Version Information
# End of file marker - must be here