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Use this.getClass instead of hard coding the class type so that

subclasses will inherit a working .equals method
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commit 51f4c2b2a7e2c9b109247709014c49602b61edad 1 parent 73db7e4
@mdentremont mdentremont authored U-dEntremont-PC\Matt committed
2  org.rssowl.core/src/org/rssowl/core/internal/connection/
@@ -124,7 +124,7 @@ public Socket createSocket(final String host, final int port, final InetAddress
public boolean equals(Object obj) {
- return ((obj != null) && obj.getClass().equals(EasySSLProtocolSocketFactory.class));
+ return ((obj != null) && obj.getClass().equals(this.getClass()));
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