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Pinned repositories

  1. teb_local_planner

    An optimal trajectory planner considering distinctive topologies for mobile robots based on Timed-Elastic-Bands (ROS Package)

    C++ 158 136

  2. teb_local_planner_tutorials

    This package contains supplementary material and examples for teb_local_planner tutorials.

    Python 16 17

  3. costmap_converter

    A ros package that includes plugins and nodes to convert occupied costmap2d cells to primitive types

    C++ 13 13

  4. costmap_prohibition_layer

    ROS-Package that implements a costmap layer to add prohibited areas to the costmap-2D by a user configuration.

    C++ 12 10

  5. pxpincher_ros

    Hardware and support package for the PhantomX Pincher robot arm

    C++ 10 9