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Setup Instructions:

Clone the repo to your local file system. Next ensure that you have installed the AWS CLI and that you have installed Terraform. AWS CLI Install Instructions Terraform Install Instructions Once you ahve installed these ensure that you have configured your AWS CLI with your key and secret key.

Terraform Validation and Setup

Change directories into the cloned git repo and run the following command: terraform init This will install any required packages and dependancies within Terraform to run the tf file.

Once you've done this you can validate the file syntax by running terraform validate. This will come back blank if the syntax of the file is correct. Next we will run terraform plan to see what terraform will change. You should see that it will add an IAM policy, and IAM role, 2 Lambda functions, a CloudWatch cron trigger, permissions and association of the cron trigger to the Lambda functions. If this looks good go ahead and run terraform apply this will execute the resource creation.

Removing Terraform Resources

To remove the stack of lambdas, cloudwatch triggers, and IAM permissions we just created we can run terraform destroy. This will show you a diff of what it will remove and you will be able back out or type yes to continue.