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API documentation auto-generation tool written in PHP. [Old and unsupported]
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SourceScribe is a documentation generator written in PHP. It takes your source tree, parses out the comments, and outputs nicely-formatted documentation. At the moment, it supports all languages that support comments in either //, #, or /**/.

To install

  • Unzip the entire package somewhere, maybe c:\Program Files\SourceScribe or ~/sourcescribe/.

  • For Mac and Linux: you can make a symbolic link to the file ss in a directory that's in your PATH environment variable.
    Example for Mac/Linux: sudo ln -s `pwd`/ss /usr/local/bin/ss

  • For all: Alternatively, you can add that path in the beginning of your PATH environment variable.

    • For Windows, this is under System Properties → Advanced Tab → Environment variables → PATH → Edit. Add it to the beginning, followed by a semi-colon (;).

    • For MacOS/Linux, you can do this by adding the line to your ~/.profile. Example:
      echo export PATH=/Users/rsc/sourcescribe:\$PATH | tee ~/.profile

Try it!

  • Once installed, type ss in the SourceScribe directory. This will build the SourceScribe documentation in doc/ by default. This documentation has all information you'll need to use SourceScribe in your projects.

Using in your projects

  • The manual contains all the information you need.
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