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Command line helper for

This makes including JS files in your project easy-peasy. To add a JS libary to your project:

$ cdnjs jquery
Created jquery-1.5.1.js.

You probably want to link the online version as well:

$ cdnjs html jquery
<script src=''></script>

Or you may want just the URL:

$ cdnjs url underscore


This is a Ruby gem that requires Ruby 1.8+.

$ gem install cdnjs-command


  cdnjs NAME       - Download specific package

Other commands:
  cdnjs list       - List available packages
  cdnjs info NAME  - Show package info
  cdnjs html NAME  - Show HTML snippet to include given package
  cdnjs url NAME   - Show the URL for the given package
  cdnjs update     - Updates the package cache

You may also use the first letters of each command; e.g., `cdnjs i jquery`.
Here are some common examples:

  $ cdnjs jquery
  $ echo `cdnjs h underscore` >> index.html